What did Ben Price notice about the burglaries?

What did Ben Price notice about the burglaries?

Answer: Ben Price was a renowned detective and he was appointed to arrest the tricky burglar Jimmy Valentine. When Ben Price was called to investigate, he noticed that all the safes were broken in same style in the way Jimmy performed the burglary. Only Jimmy had the tools that could do that burglary so easily.

Why does Ben Price allow Jim to leave after he opens the safe?

Ben let him go because he was touched by Jimmy’s willingness to give up his life with his new bride in order to save a little girl’s life. That proved to him that Jimmy was trustworthy in his reformation, and worth giving a second chance.

Why do you think Ben Price pretend not to recognize Jimmy Valentine?

Ans. Ben Price pretended not to recognize him because he witnesses Valentine’s reformation and wanted to give him a chance to enjoy his new life.

What makes Jimmy give up his life as a burglar?

Jimmy Valentine decided to give up his life of crime because he falls in love with a beautiful, small-town girl named Annabel Adams. He knows such a perfect girl will not return his love if she knows how he makes his living.

What does Ben Price do at the end of the story why?

Ben Price recognizes that what the warden has told Valentine is true: “You’re not a bad fellow at heart.” Having observed Valentine’s actions, the detective knows that Jimmy is in love and intends to “live straight.” So, he grants the safe-cracker a reprieve, “a retrieved reformation.”

What bank did Jimmy Valentine Rob?

Elmore Bank
O. Henry implies subtly that Jimmy intends at first to rob the Elmore Bank, before he finds out the girl he’s just fallen in love at first sight with is the banker’s daughter.

Why did Jimmy expect to stay only about three months to the maximum in jail?

Because he had so many friends therefore he expected to live only three months in jail. Explanation: Jimmy Valentine was a safecracker and was living the life of a criminal. As the story proceeds, he is in prison for his criminal act.

What did Ben price established at the end of the story Jimmy Valentine?

He settles down, establishes a shoe-repair business, and gets engaged to a young lady whose father happens to own the town bank.