What company produced Home Alone?

What company produced Home Alone?

20th Century Studios
Hughes Entertainment
Home Alone/Production companies

How much did each home alone make?


Release Date Title Domestic Box Office
Sep 2, 2003 Home Alone 4
Dec 12, 1997 Home Alone III $30,692,437
Nov 20, 1992 Home Alone 2: Lost in New York $173,585,516
Nov 16, 1990 Home Alone $285,761,243

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What was the budget for the movie Home Alone?

Early in production, the film’s budget grew to $14.7 million, well past the limit Warner had imposed. The studio demanded that it be cut by $1.2 million; the producers responded with a memo arguing that the budget could not be cut any further. Warner, unconvinced, shut down production the next day.

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Is the movie Home Alone profitable for Twentieth Century Fox?

Home Alone was obviously very profitable for Twentieth Century Fox. However, that was almost not the case, as said studio was not the film’s original home.

Are there any sequels to the movie Home Alone?

Home Alone spawned a successful film franchise with four sequels (two theatrical and two made-for-television), including the 1992 film Home Alone 2: Lost in New York, which is the only Home Alone sequel to have most of the original cast reprising their roles.

When was the first home alone commercial made?

The ad recreates scenes from the original 1990 film, where Kevin shaves his face, jumps on his parents bed, and decorates a Christmas tree all while asking the Google Assistant to set reminders for him. The advertisement quickly went viral.