What chapter does Finny break his leg again?

What chapter does Finny break his leg again?

Chapter 12
Summary and Analysis Chapter 12. After Finny’s second fall, Dr. Stanpole arrives to take charge. He tells Gene that Finny has broken his leg again, but that it appears to be a simpler fracture — “much cleaner” than the original injury.

What happened in chapter 12 of A Separate Peace?

The crowd of boys breaks up and Gene sneaks off to the infirmary to peek in and try to see what is going on. He sits outside in the dark, imagining Finny saying absurd things to the doctors and nurses, until finally the doctor and the other adults leave, turning out the light in Finny’s room.

How does Finny break his leg again?

Gene and Finny go jump off the tree again and form the Super Suicide Society. To open the ceremony, he climbs the tree with Gene to do a double jump, loses his balance when Gene jounces the limb, and falls to the ground, shattering his leg. Finny is laid up in the Infirmary when Gene comes to visit.

Is Gene jealous of Finny?

Gene misses his intention and takes Finny at his word. Gene’s jealousy of Finny’s status as best athlete of their class has led him, half-consciously, to try to make them “even” by being the best scholar. Gene’s misinterpretation leads to his bitter disillusionment with their friendship.

What happens in Chapter 12 in A Separate Peace?

What chapter does Finny fall down the stairs?

Unable to accept that his friend had wanted to do him harm, Finny hobbles from the Assembly Room proclaiming, “I don’t care”, rushes down the corridor, and falls down the stairs (Chapter 11).

What happens to Finny’s leg in a separate peace?

Stanpole tells Gene that Finny’s leg is broken again but assures him that it is a much cleaner break than last time. The crowd of boys breaks up and Gene sneaks off to the infirmary to peek in and try to see what is going on.

What happens at the end of Finny falling from the tree?

The end of the chapter, with Gene causing Finny to fall from the tree, casts them almost as good vs. evil; Finny is cleansed of blame and shown to be pure of heart in this chapter, while Gene’s character is revealed as being more pernicious than previously imagined.

What was the climax of a separate peace?

climax · Gene jounces the limb of the tree, making Finny fall and shatter his leg. falling action · Gene feels guilty about Finny’s fall; he and Finny become even more intimate, developing a codependency; the boys put Gene on “trial” for the accident; Finny falls down the stairs and breaks his leg again;

Why does gene want to be Finny in a separate peace?

By dressing up as Finny, however, Gene purges himself of this envy by becoming the object of it. It is again Gene’s desire to be like Finny, or actually to be Finny, that sparks his confession: he admits what he thinks is his wrongdoing after realizing that Finny would have done the same were he in Gene’s position.