What challenges did Walter face?

What challenges did Walter face?

Walter and Beneatha both struggle to overcome poverty and racial prejudice in order to achieve their goals in A Raisin in the Sun. They are also faced with the challenge of pursuing their dreams without a solid support system and lack a practical plan to attain their goals.

What is the main conflict for Walter Lee in A Raisin in the Sun?

Major conflict The Youngers, a working-class Black family, struggle against economic hardship and racial prejudice. Rising action Ruth discovers that she is pregnant; Mama makes a down payment on a house; Mama gives Walter the remaining insurance money; Walter invests the money in the liquor store venture.

What are some of the problems they will face raisin in the sun?

Throughout the play the Youngers’ address poverty, discrimination, marital problems, and abortion. Mama is waiting on a check from the insurance company because of the recent passing of her husband. Throughout the play Walter tries to convince Mama to let him invest the money in a liquor store.

What is the real problem between Walter and Ruth?

Ruth seems to think the store is a bad idea, and Walter is insulted, telling his wife “A man needs for a woman to back him up…” (I. 1). This will be an ongoing conflict in the play. Walter believes that other family members, including Ruth, do not support or believe in his dreams.

Why is Beneatha so interested in Africa?

Beneatha becomes interested in Africa when she meets Joseph Asagai, a student from Nigeria, on her campus. She approaches him because she is interested in learning about (what she considers) her identity. Beneatha is a deep-thinking person, and she wants to rethink the way African Americans live.

Why is Walter frustrated?

Walter is afraid that if the women in his family are able to take care of themselves, they won’t need him. He also feels inferi or to the women in his life because he must always depend on them for financial and emotional support. Feeling dependent makes Walter angry, frustrated and less manly.

Did beneatha go to Africa?

Although Beneatha’s family has been in America for several generations, and Beneatha has never been to Africa, Asagai insists that once in Africa, she will feel as though she has been away for only one day. Unsurprisingly, Beneatha seems to not be into George at all by the end of the play.

What are Walter Lee Younger’s frustrations in Raisin in the Sun?

His frustrations stem from him not being able to act as a man and provide for his family and grasp hold of his ideals to watch them manifest into a positive situation. Walter Lee Younger, a man who is vehement for his family, has many ambitions in life, and dreams of the biggest dreams out of anyone else in the play.

Who is Walter Lee in a raising in the Sun?

Walter Lee is the only protagonist and antagonist at the same time in A Raising in the Sun. As the play opens, Walter comes out conspicuously due to his ideologies concerning the money the Youngers are about to receive from an insurance firm as life insurance policy for the deceased Mr. Youngers.

What makes Walter Lee Younger a complex character?

In the film “A Raisin in the Sun ” by Lorraine Hansberry, Walter Lee Younger reveals the following three dominant traits which make him a complex character 1) industrious, 2) greedy, and 3) chauvinistic. Walter displays many dominant traits throughout the movie.

What was the sacrifice of Walter Lee Younger?

…Bart Studnicki English 102 Raisin in the Sun Analysis 09-29-2009 The Sacrifice of Walter Lee Younger Throughout the play, A Raisin in the Sun, the Younger family struggles to come together as a family. One of the main impediments in their unity is their differing views on the world.