What books should I read if I like warrior cats?

What books should I read if I like warrior cats?

9 Animal Fantasy Series to Read if You Love Warriors

  • Warriors series by Erin Hunter.
  • Bravelands series by Erin Hunter.
  • The Lost Rainforest series by Eliot Schrefer.
  • The Guardian Herd series by Jennifer Lynn Alvarez.
  • Survivors series by Erin Hunter.
  • Riders of the Realm series by Jennifer Lynn Alvarez.

    Are warrior cats realistic?

    No. Although feral cat groups do exist, and it is based off of a real location in England, Warrior Cats is a fictional book series.

    Who are the authors of the warrior cats series?

    There are over 80 books featuring the tales and adventures of a group of Warrior Cats. The series is published by Harper Collins and is written by the three authors, Cherith Baldry, Kate Cary, and Tui T. Sutherland as well as editor Victoria Holmes, who develops the story for the books.

    Which is the second book in the Warriors series?

    In the second book, The Outlaw Varjak Paw, he must pit his fighting skills against the cat who’s the most formidable gang leader of them all, who also knows the ways of the warrior cat. Cat fans will love these books! These books are perfect for readers who like their animal stories to include struggles against dark magic.

    Are there any animal books like the Warriors?

    Like the Warriors books, they contain some animal on animal violence, which can be disturbing, but all are suitable for kids of 10 or so. Varjak Paw The Taken (Foxcraft Series #1) The Wild Ones Swordbird (Swordbird Series #1) Wings of Fire Boxset, Books 1-5 (Wings of Fire)

    How many clans are there in warrior cats?

    Warrior Cats is a fantasy book series following the adventures of a group of wild cats. Each wild cat is part of a different clan and has their own skills, abilities and beliefs. According to the official site, there are currently six clans, including the two newest clans (SkyClan and StarClan).