What are the movie ratings in order?

What are the movie ratings in order?

Movie (Film) Ratings

  • G: General Audiences. This program is designed to be appropriate for all ages.
  • PG: Parental Guidance Suggested. Parents are urged to give parental guidance.
  • PG-13: Parents Strongly Cautioned. Some material may not be suited for children under age 13.
  • R: Restricted.
  • NC-17: Clearly Adult.

    What does the D stand for in TV ratings?

    D – Sexual or suggestive dialogue (can be used with the TV-MA rating) L – Coarse or crude language.

    Since 2014, the rating are:

    • Rated G – General Audiences. All ages admitted.
    • Rated PG – Parental Guidance Suggested. Some material may not be suitable for children.
    • Rated PG-13 – Parents Strongly Cautioned. Some material may be inappropriate for children under 13.
    • Rated R – Restricted.
    • Rated NC-17 – Adults Only.

      What are the 5 movie ratings?

      Though most Americans could tell you the general feeling of the films in each of the five categories designated by the MPAA—G, PG, PG-13, R, and NC-17—few actually know how these ratings came to be, who assigns the ratings to these films, or what nuances actually determine the jump between each level of perceived …

      What makes a movie PG-13?

      PG-13: Parents Strongly Cautioned, Some Material May Be Inappropriate for Children Under 13. This rating is a stronger caution for parents that content included may not be appropriate for children under 13 (pre-teen ages). This may include stronger language, extended violence or sexual situations and drug-use.

      What movie has the worst rating?


      Movie Year # reviews
      Bolero 1984 23
      Jaws: The Revenge 1987 38
      Police Academy 4: Citizens on Patrol 1987 20
      Return of the Living Dead Part II 1988 20

      Can a PG-13 movies say the F word?

      And you can only say “fuck” once in a PG-13 rated film. Say it twice? You’re slapped with an R-rating. In fact, screenwriter Drew Goddard only intended one use of the word.

      Can 12 year olds watch PG-13 movies?

      According to the Motion Picture Association, the PG-13 label means the movie is fine for kids over the age of thirteen. It may not, however, be appropriate for children under thirteen because of language, violence, nudity, and other mature content.

      How old do you have to be to see a movie in the cinema?

      A minor up to 3 years younger than the age limit is permitted to see a film in a cinema when accompanied by an adult, except for 18-rated films. Films with an age rating may contain an additional marker for violence, sex, fear, or substance abuse. The ratings are as follows: S (Finnish) or T (Swedish) – For all ages. 7 – Over 7 years.

      How is the age rating on a movie determined?

      They reflect people’s views on film, DVD, Blu-ray, video on demand (VoD) regulation and are regularly updated. Films for cinema release are usually seen by at least two of our Compliance Officers, and in most cases, their age rating recommendation is approved by a Compliance Manager.

      What kind of rating does a movie need to have?

      Nudity & Sexual Content. Nudity is restricted to PG and above, and anything that constitutes more than brief nudity will require at least a PG-13 rating. Nudity that is sexually oriented will generally require an R rating. As of 2010, the MPAA has added a descriptor of “male nudity” to films featuring said content.

      How old do you have to be to watch a 12A movie?

      The 12A rating only applies to films shown in cinemas. This means a child under the age of 12 must be accompanied by a grown-up. The 12 rating is used for DVDs and video-on-demand and cannot be sold or rented to anyone under the age of 12.