What are some symbols in A Retrieved Reformation?

What are some symbols in A Retrieved Reformation?

A Retrieved Reformation Symbols

  • Jimmy’s Tools.
  • Annabel’s Rose.
  • Ben Price’s Button.

    What does Ben Price mean Jimmy?

    Ben Price’s Button Symbol Analysis Just like Jimmy Valentine’s tools represent his dedication to his criminal profession, Ben Price’s collar-button represents his own dedication to his job as a police detective. O. Henry points out Price’s button on the floor of Jimmy’s apartment after Jimmy is released from prison.

    How did Jimmy prove his nobility towards the end of the story Jimmy Valentine?

    It’s the only life, Billy—the straight one. Then at the climax Jimmy is still burdened with his heavy suitcase and his old identity. He makes a noble sacrifice by opening the suitcase inside the bank and rescuing a little girl who has accidentally gotten locked inside the supposedly burglar-proof vault.

    Where did Jimmy hide his toolkit?

    Expert Answers However, as soon as he’s released, Jimmy makes a beeline straight for the room over the restaurant where he was staying when the police arrested him. It’s also the place where he hid the tools of his trade, the tools he used to crack safes.

    What is the theme of ” A Retrieved Reformation “?

    The theme of ‘A Retrieved Reformation’ is that love can reform anyone. At the beginning of the story, Jimmy Valentine is unrepentant about his crimes. As soon as he leaves prison, he heads to pick up his burglary tools so he begin cracking safes again.

    Who are the characters in a Retrieved Reformation?

    A Retrieved Reformation is a realistic fiction that is set at the start of the 20th century. Jimmy Valentine is the protagonist and Ben Price is the antagonist of the story. The story is in the third person omniscient. It moves between Jimmy Valentine and Ben Price. It is set mostly in Arkansas and Elmore.

    Who is Jimmy Valentine in a Retrieved Reformation?

    When first introduced, the well-connected Jimmy is being released from prison after serving just… read analysis of Jimmy Valentine/Ralph D. Spencer An “eminent” police detective and the antagonist of “A Retrieved Reformation.”

    Who is Ben Price in a Retrieved Reformation?

    An “eminent” police detective and the antagonist of “A Retrieved Reformation.” Price is portrayed as the epitome of morality and hard work, and he serves as a foil to Jimmy Valentine ’s criminal lifestyle. Jimmy… read analysis of Ben Price