What age is home of the brave for?

What age is home of the brave for?

Ages 10-14.

Is there a movie of home of the Brave?

MGM Distribution Co. Home of the Brave is a 2006 American drama film following the lives of four Army National Guard soldiers in Iraq and their return to the United States. The film was shot in Morocco and in Spokane, Washington.

Will Marsh home of the brave?

Samuel L. Jackson
Home of the Brave (2006) – Samuel L. Jackson as Will Marsh – IMDb.

Why does Kek cry when he sees his aunt?

Kek cries because he is reminded of all the people in his home country that are starving.

What grade level is home of the brave?

Grades 4 – 8
Home of the Brave

Interest Level Reading Level ATOS
Grades 4 – 8 Grades 4 – 8 3.5

Is Kek from Sudan?

Book Description Home of the Brave tells the story of Kek, an eleven year old boy from Sudan, using poetry. Kek flees his country because of war and becomes an immigrant to the United States. Kek arrives in the United States knowing his father and brother are dead, and his mother is missing.

What is Home of the Brave based on?

“Home of the Brave “is Katherine Applegate’s first stand-alone novel. “In Kek’s story, I hope readers will see the neighbor child with a strange accent, the new kid in class from some faraway land, the child in odd clothes who doesn’t belong,” she says….

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Why does Kek name the cow gol?

Kek names the cow Gol which means family. Gol symbolizes both his family and his search for manhood because of the responsibility he assumes in caring for the cow. Unfortunately, Lou is getting old and she decides to sell the farm.

What reminds Kek of his homeland?

A cow is God with a wet nose. Kek comes from Africa where he lived with his mother, father, and brother. But only he and his mother have survived. But slowly he makes friends: a girl in foster care, an old woman with a rundown farm, and a sweet, sad cow that reminds Kek of home.

How much is home of the brave?

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Where in Africa is KEK from?

South Sudan
Kek is from South Sudan.

What does the piece of cloth that KEK carries in his pocket symbolize?

The main character always carries around a blue and yellow cloth with him. This represents his mother because it’s a scrap of her dress that he pulled on to try and help her get up and run away from men with guns.

What grade level is Home of the Brave?

Why does Kek carry a blue and yellow piece of cloth in his pocket?

What does Kek keep in his pocket?

Q. What does Kek carry in his pocket to remind him of his mother? A. A blue and yellow piece of cloth torn from her dress the last time he saw her.

Why did Kek cry when he saw his aunt?