What adjective describes Scrooge best?

What adjective describes Scrooge best?


  • • Prejudiced. • Ignorant. • Cold-hearted.
  • By Stave 5: • Altruistic. • Penitent.
  • • Vulnerable. • Hardworking. • Moral/ Christian.
  • • Benevolent. • Family orientated. • Altruistic.
  • • Direct. • Prophetic. • Reformed.
  • • Young and old. • Commanding. • Light.
  • “Bright clear jet of light” “relentless ghost”
  • • Jolly. • Welcoming.

    How is Scrooge described in the text?

    Suggested answer: Someone might describe Scrooge as unpleasant, grumpy, and mean. Scrooge’s own nephew calls him cross, dismal and morose. Scrooge can also be described as cheap or stingy. Scrooge has a tiny fire to keep himself warm and will not give his clerk any more coal for his even smaller fire!

    Which of the following phrases best describes Scrooge’s attitude?

    Answer: The answer is nervous and impatient.

    What is Scrooge’s physical description?

    They show an old, white, shriveled and wrinkled man in his bed clothes, a night cap and slippers. He looks skinny and a bit short. He is mostly balding, but what hair he has left is white.

    Which word describes Scrooge attitude towards others?

    He’s cold hearted and unfeeling -He is unsympathetic towards other people, so he has no interest in helping the poor. He refuses to give to charity as he thinks he has done enough by supporting the prisons and workhouses.

    What is Scrooge’s attitude?

    Scrooge is dismissive and disparaging of everyone who tries to get him to celebrate Christmas. When the story opens, it is Christmas Eve. Scrooge is grumpy, as always. He is a little grumpier than usual because everyone keeps trying to get him to celebrate Christmas.

    Does Scrooge become nice?

    Scrooge becomes generous and full of life. We see him welcomed into the homes of his family and friends and readers are delighted by his transformation.

    What is Scrooge’s attitude toward other people?