Was shaft a flop?

Was shaft a flop?

“Shaft,” from AT’s T, +0.47% Warner Bros., placed sixth on the charts, with a disappointing $8.3 million. Directed by Tim Story, “Shaft” features Samuel L. Jackson reprising his role from almost 20 years ago — which itself was a reboot of the 1970s movies — and Jessie T.

What was the budget for shaft?

46 million USD
44 million USD

Is shaft 2019 a remake?

Shaft is a 2019 American action comedy film directed by Tim Story and written by Kenya Barris and Alex Barnow. It is the fifth film in the Shaft series and a direct sequel to the 2000 film with the same title.

Will there be a Shaft 5?

Case in point: The fifth Shaft film is airing on HBO tonight at 8 p.m. ET. Shaft (2019) stars Samuel L. Jackson as Mr. John Shaft himself and is a direct sequel to the film where Jackson first embodied the character, aka 2000’s Shaft.

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How much money did the movie Shaft make?

The film opened at the box office at #1 with $21.7 million; by the end of its run, Shaft had grossed $70.3 million in the domestic box office and $107.2 million worldwide, against a $46 million budget.

Is there going to be a shaft 2?

Tarantino stated that while the film isn’t an official prequel to the series, his intention was that the characters have familial ties. ^ The 2019 sequel retcons him into being Shaft II’s biological father, the film mentioning that Shaft I had spent years pretending to be his uncle.

When did the TV series shaft come out?

Following the box office failures of Shaft in Africa, the studio moved the franchise to the small screen in 1973. The first season of series, a collection of TV movies, was released on CBS network television. The show attempted to build crossovers with another crime-drama, Hawkins, but never garnered much success.

When did the first shaft action figure come out?

In 2000, McFarlane Toys released a Shaft (Samuel L. Jackson) action figure as part of their Movie Maniacs series three toy line. Accessories included are a handgun, sunglasses and a replica of the film’s poster with a skulls and bones base.

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