Was Josephine Tey married?

Was Josephine Tey married?

Born Elizabeth Mackintosh at Inverness in the Scottish highlands in 1896 (some sources cite 1897); died of cancer in London on February 13, 1952; daughter of Colin Mackintosh (a greengrocer) and Josephine Horne Mackintosh (a schoolteacher); educated at the Royal Academy in Inverness, 1903–15, and at the Anstey Physical …

When did Josephine Tey die?

13 កុម្ភៈ 1952
Josephine Tey/ថ្ងៃ​ស្លាប់

What is the pseudonym of Elizabeth Mackintosh?

Josephine Tey
Josephine Tey, pseudonym of Elizabeth Mackintosh, (born 1897, Inverness, Inverness-shire, Scot.

Who wrote mystery stories under the pseudonym Josephine toy?

MacKintosh’s best-known books were written under the name of Josephine Tey, which was the name of her Suffolk great-great grandmother. In five of the mystery novels, all of which except the first she wrote under the name of Tey, the hero is Scotland Yard Inspector Alan Grant.

Who writes like Josephine?

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  • What did Val mcdermid write?

    Her first success as a novelist came with Report for Murder The first Lindsay Gordon Mystery, first published in 1987. Among her many awards are the Portico Prize for Fiction, the LA Times Book Prize, the Lambda Literary Pioneer Award and the Cartier Diamond Dagger.

    Who is the true daughter of time?

    The Daughter of Time is a 1951 detective novel by Josephine Tey, concerning a modern police officer’s investigation into the alleged crimes of King Richard III of England….The Daughter of Time.

    First edition cover
    Author Josephine Tey
    Genre Mystery novel
    Publisher Peter Davies
    Publication date 1951

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      Where does Val McDermid come from?

      Kirkcaldy, United Kingdom
      Val McDermid/ទី​កន្លែង​កំណើត

      Why is it called the daughter of time?

      The novel’s title is taken from an old proverb (“Truth is the daughter of time”) which is quoted by Tey as the novel’s epigraph. He also reads Thomas More’s History of King Richard III and a historical novel called The Rose of Raby by “Evelyn Payne-Ellis”, about the life of Richard’s mother Cecily Neville.

      Who wrote the daughter of time?

      The Daughter of Time/អ្នកនិពន្ធ

      Find all the books, read about the author, and more. Sorry, there was a problem loading this page. Try again. The Daughter of Time is a 1951 detective novel by Josephine Tey, concerning a modern police officer’s investigation into the alleged crimes of King Richard III of England.

      Why do I like Agatha Christie?

      I like Agatha Christie Books because most are very Good stories, Most of The Plots are very good, The Books are easy to read in the main and The Books help you see things different ways and have taught me a lot and Cheered me up when I have needed it. I rolled onto her books through a school reading-assignment.

      How much is Ian Rankin worth?

      Ian Rankin net worth: Ian Rankin is a Scottish novelist who has a net worth of $10 million. Ian Rankin was born in Cardenden, Fife, Scotland in April 1960. He is a crime writer who is best known for his Inspector Rebus novels.