Was John Voight in The Deer Hunter?

Was John Voight in The Deer Hunter?

As we count down to what could be the most political Academy Awards in years, it’s worth looking back to the “Vietnam Oscars” of 1979, when The Deer Hunter, starring Robert De Niro, Christopher Walken and Meryl Streep in her first significant movie role, went head-to-head with another prestigious ‘Nam picture, Coming …

Why is the deer hunter Rated R?

Parents need to know that The Deer Hunter, director Michael Cimino’s 183-minute, 1978 epic, uses extreme violence to underscore the brutality of war and men’s best and worst tendencies. The graphic violence and depiction of psychological trauma are not for kids.

Was Jane Fonda in The Deer Hunter?

The Deer Hunter won five: Best Picture, Director (Cimino), Supporting Actor (Christopher Walken), sound, and editing; and Coming Home received the two lead acting awards (Jane Fonda and Jon Voight), and original screenplay (Waldo Salt and Robert C. …

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How much did the Deer Hunter cost to make?

Universal released The Deer Hunter in just two movie theatres in December 1978 to qualify for Oscar consideration. After winning five Oscars it went on general release and earned $70million, having cost $15million to make. Dzundza says: “Any film of true value speaks for itself. It’s like a good poem, and if a poem is good, it’s good.”

What was the box office success of the Deer Hunter?

The film received acclaim from critics and audiences, with praise for Cimino’s direction, the performances of its cast (particularly from De Niro, Walken, and Streep), and its screenplay, realistic themes and tones, and cinematography. It was also successful at the box office, grossing $49 million.

Who was the director of the Deer Hunter?

The Deer Hunter, American dramatic film, released in 1978, that focused on the devastating effects of the Vietnam War on the young American men sent to fight in it. The emotionally shattering movie, cowritten and directed by Michael Cimino, won five Academy Awards, including those for best picture and best editor.

What was the controversy with the Deer Hunter?

The scenes depicting Russian roulette were highly controversial after the film’s release. EMI Films, who produced the film, released the film internationally while Universal Pictures handled its distribution in North America.

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