Was John Sutton the actor married?

Was John Sutton the actor married?

John Sutton (actor)

John Sutton
Died 10 July 1963 (aged 54) Cannes, France
Occupation Actor
Years active 1936–1963
Spouse(s) Charlotte Biddle Barrett ​ ​ ( m. 1933; div. 1946)​ Roberta Fidler ​ ​ ( m. 1946; div. 1955)​ Anita Rodney-Eden ​ ​ ( m. 1957; annul. 1960)​

What did John Sutton die of?

Heart attack
John Sutton/Cause of death
Sutton died suddenly in August of 1963 of a heart attack in Cannes, France, at the age of 54, shortly after finishing work on Of Human Bondage (1964) in England.

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What nationality is John Sutton?

John Sutton/Nationality

How old is James Sutton?

38 years (31 January 1983)
James Sutton/Age

Is John Sutton a bra boy?

Background. Sutton was born in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia and is of Fijian Rotuman descent. Sutton played his junior football for Kensington United and the Coogee Randwick Wombats. Sutton is a member of the Maroubra Bra Boys gang.

How tall is John Sutton?

1.9 m
John Sutton/Height

Is James Sutton in a relationship?

He married his fiancée Rachael Sutton on 22 September 2018.

How tall is James Sutton?

At 38 years old, James Sutton height is 6 ft 0 in (183.0 cm)….Jean-Luc Bilodeau.

Popular As James Cook
Occupation actor
Age 38 years old
Zodiac Sign Aquarius
Born 31 January 1983

How many games has Sutton played?


Name: John Sutton
NRL Games (to date): 329 games (all for the Rabbitohs)
NRL Points (to date): 255 (from 60 tries, seven goals and one field goal)
NRL Debut: Rabbitohs vs Broncos, Suncorp Stadium, 4 July 2004 (Rd 17)
Rep Honours: City Origin (2008-09); Australian Prime Minister’s XIII (2005)

Has Adam Reynolds played origin?

Reynolds played at representative level for the NRL All Stars, City New South Wales, Prime Minister’s XIII, World All Stars and New South Wales in the 2016 State of Origin series….Adam Reynolds.

Personal information
Position Halfback

What footballer lives in Sutton?

John Sutton (footballer)

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Is James Sutton leaving Hollyoaks?

HOLLYOAKS actor James Sutton has filmed his final scenes as John Paul McQueen. Taking to Instagram on Saturday, James shared a snap from the set and shared his thoughts on his time on the show. He wrote: “It’s been one hell of a crazy ride but I can finally confirm that I have left the world of Hollyoaks.

How many games did John Sutton play for Souths?

24 games
Sutton played in all 24 games for Souths in the 2017 NRL season.

What is Adam Reynolds salary?

On 27 January 2015, Reynolds extended his contract on a two-year deal, estimated $500,000 per season.

Is Adam Reynolds leaving Rabbitohs?

“Adam Reynolds is a done deal, he will be leaving the club,” Bennett told The Daily Telegraph on Monday. “Everybody knows that, and we are all handling that with respect and we have all moved on from there.”

How dangerous is Sutton?

For England, Wales, and Northern Ireland as a whole, Sutton is among the top 10 safest cities, and the 1,899th most dangerous location out of all towns, cities, and villages. The most common crimes in Sutton are violence and sexual offences, with 4,351 offences during 2020, giving a crime rate of 21.

What has happened to Chris Sutton?

Christopher Roy Sutton (born 10 March 1973) is an English former professional football player and manager. He later became a pundit and commentator for BT Sport, regularly working on their coverage of Scottish football. He is now also a pundit and occasional match co-commentator on BBC Radio 5 Live.

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Does James die in Hollyoaks?

James is poisoned by serial killer, Breda McQueen, but survives.

Who is James Sutton married to?

Katie Piper has been married to Richard James Sutton since 2015 – here’s your need-to-know on their relationship. Katie Piper and husband Richard James Sutton have been married for five years, with the couple first meeting in 2013.

How many games did Sutton play?

Where was Sutton born?

Sydney, Australia
John Sutton/Place of birth

Is John Sutton still alive?

Deceased (1908–1963)
John Sutton/Living or Deceased

Sutton is a member of the Maroubra Bra Boys gang. He is the older brother of Joanna Sutton. Due to his Rotuman mother who comes from the village of Hapmafau, Itu’tiu, Rotuma, Sutton qualifies to play for the Fiji Bati.

Who killed Susan sudden?

David Strickland
Cause of death Suicide by hanging
Occupation Actor
Years active 1994–1999
Notable work Todd Stities in Suddenly Susan

Who killed Suttons wife?

In 2004, Kopp shot Susan Sutton six times and John in the face. Susan died, and John survived but is now blind.

How old is John Sutton?

36 years (November 5, 1984)
John Sutton/Age