Was Joey Styles quitting Real?

Was Joey Styles quitting Real?

Monday night on RAW, Joey Styles shocked everyone, quitting his job as lead announcer in a true “OH MY GOD!” moment. As a result, there is now a job open at the RAW announce table.

What does Joey Styles do now?

Since walking away from professional wrestling, Joey worked for a company in ad sales. Since then, he now works for a Pharmaceutical prescription pricing company called ‘Capital Rx. ‘ Joe’s position title is Manager of Employer Solutions. Joey resides in a suburb of Connecticut.

What channel did ECW come on?

The Nashville Network
Even after ECW gained a nationally-available television program on The Nashville Network (TNN), Hardcore TV was considered ECW’s flagship program….

ECW Hardcore TV
Original network Syndication
Original release April 6, 1993 – December 31, 2000
Related shows ECW on TNN
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Are AJ Styles and Joey Styles related?

Joseph Carmine Bonsignore (born July 14, 1971), better known by his stage name Joey Styles, is best known as “the Voice of ECW”. Joey is not related in any way, shape, or form to AJ Styles – though they are both phenomenal. The Other Wiki has a full article on his life and career.

Why did Joey Styles quit Raw?

This would be the first time in Styles’ career that he would work in wrestling full-time. On the May 1, 2006 edition of Raw, Styles announced that he was quitting by delivering a worked shoot promo, in which he bashed Vince McMahon, WWE, sports entertainment, and the fact that people “buy into this crap”.

Why was Joey Styles fired from WWE?

Styles was fired from the WWE after a Q&A session with WWE correspondent Cathy Kelly, in which he made comments concerning Vince McMahon fondness for Roman Reigns, his dislike for the WWE Universal Championship, and for the three-man commentating teams.

Why is ECW going out of business?

Money mismanagement. That was it, that is why ECW failed as a company because Paul Heyman could not manage his money. Paul can say TNN dropping them from their network killed them to save his own face but no, ECW thrived WAY before they got onto TNN.

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When should I start watching ECW?

If you were going to start watch ECW. You should start with the Aug. 27th 1994 Event where Shane Douglas won the NWA – ECW World Title and thew down the NWA belt and declared himself the ECW Heavyweight Champion of the world.

Why is AJ Styles so popular?

He’s been credited as the best wrestler in every wrestling promotion he’s been to. His in-ring ability is his biggest asset. Regarded as the most complete wrestler in years, he combined his technical wrestling prowess with a lot of high flying moves. This makes a good entertainment to anyone who watches him wrestle.

Where is Yoshi Tatsu now?

Tatsu has been working for All Japan with freelancer since late 2017, and has been on most tours since then. He has been winning over the fans and finding success as a upper midcarder and sidekick to top star Kento Miyahara. He became a one time World Tag Team champion and the current GAORA TV champion in the process.

How tall is Joey Styles?

1.7 m
Joey Styles/Estatura

Where should I start watching ECW from?

How old is Yoshi Tatsu?

44 years (August 1, 1977)
Naofumi Yamamoto/Edad