Should I list relevant jobs on my resume?

Should I list relevant jobs on my resume?

Your resume is not a legal document and you are under no obligation to list every job you’ve ever had. The purpose of your resume is to sell you to potential employers and this is the most important thing to keep in mind.

Should you Number resume pages?

Job seekers are often told to keep their resume to one page. This advice makes sense for new job seekers–they don’t have the experience to warrant more than a one-page document. Developing a resume of two pages or more is appropriate if you’re an experienced worker.

How should page 2 of a resume look?

Include your full name, phone number, email address and the words “Page Two” to make it clear that this is part of your resume. The font should be the same style that you used on Page One, but should be smaller than the font you used throughout the rest of the resume.

Should I put a header on the second page of my resume?

Regardless of format, there’s no need to include a resume header or contact information on the second page. Save that valuable space for your work experience. Remember, it’s all about making your resume as readable as possible, both for the hiring manager and applicant tracking system.