Is Xanadu the worst movie ever?

Is Xanadu the worst movie ever?

At the first ever Razzies in 1981, Xanadu was nominated for Worst Picture, Worst Director (which it won), Worst Actor (Michael Beck), Worst Actress (Olivia Newton-John), Worst Screenplay and Worst Original Song for Suspended in Time. That’s literally every award except two.

Is Xanadu a Disney movie?

Xanadu is a 1980 American musical fantasy film written by Richard Christian Danus and Marc Reid Rubel, and directed by Robert Greenwald….Xanadu (film)

Music by Barry De Vorzon Electric Light Orchestra
Distributed by Universal Pictures
Release date August 8, 1980
Running time 96 minutes

What bands were in Xanadu?

Xanadu is the soundtrack of the 1980 musical film of the same name, featuring the Australian singer Olivia Newton-John and the British group Electric Light Orchestra (ELO).

What is Xanadu movie?

Kira, deusa grega da dança, vem à Terra ajudar o artista Sonny Malone a realizar seu grande sonho de abrir uma inovadora casa noturna. O experiente dançarino Danny McGuire também contribui na empreitada, mas tudo se complica quando Kira acaba se apaixonando por Sonny, contrariando as ordens de Zeus.
Xanadu/Sinopse do filme

Why did Olivia Newton-John do Xanadu?

This was intentional, done with the hope that the sequences would look mythical and unreal rather than phony. The title comes from the Samuel Taylor Coleridge poem “Kubla Khan.” The film was meant to launch Olivia Newton-John’s career as a solo star.

What did Gene Kelly think of Xanadu?

In the biography The Films of Gene Kelly, Song and Dance Man, his only quote about Xanadu is: “The concept was marvelous, but it just didn’t come off.”

Does Netflix have Xanadu?

Watch Xanadu on Netflix Today!

What is the main idea of Kubla Khan?

The interaction between man and nature is a major theme for Coleridge. It’s painted all over “Kubla Khan,” as we go from the dome to the river, and then from the gardens to the sea. Sometimes he’s focused on human characters, sometimes on natural forces.

Why was Gene Kelly in Xanadu?

Gene Kelly took the part of Danny McGuire because filming was a short drive from his Beverly Hills home. Olivia Newton-John turned down roles in both Can’t Stop the Music (1980) and The Blues Brothers (1980) to star in this movie.

Who streams Xanadu?

Watch Xanadu Streaming Online | Hulu (Free Trial)

Is Xanadu on Amazon Prime?

Watch Xanadu | Prime Video.

Did Olivia Newton John dance with Gene Kelly in Xanadu?

Despite playing the muse of dance, Olivia Newton-John does very little dancing in the film. The main exception is her number with Gene Kelly. Michael Beck didn’t have to audition for the lead in this film. Joel Silver, Robert Greenwald and Victor J.