Is Walking With Dinosaurs realistic?

Is Walking With Dinosaurs realistic?

Compared to all preceding dinosaur features, however, Walking With Dinosaurs stands out for verisimilitude. True, that’s not the highest bar to top. Even the gold standard for dinosaur movies, Jurassic Park (which should more accurately have been named Cretaceous Park), was replete with wild inaccuracies.

Will There Be A Walking With Dinosaurs Season 2?

Walking with Dinosaurs the movie 2: the lost dragons is an animated live-action sequel to the movie Walking with Dinosaurs, released in November 12, 2023, and released for DVD in February 26, 2024. It is 300 minutes long.

Is BBC Walking With Dinosaurs accurate?

in a percentage i’d say 80–90%, its a very accurate show with facts to support its claims. Its probably the most accurate Dinosaur documentary to date, Planet-Dinosaur is another accurate show.

What are the top 5 smallest dinosaurs?

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