Is Virgil from Seedfolks a boy or a girl?

Is Virgil from Seedfolks a boy or a girl?

Virgil is a boy–though in my stage version he got changed into a girl to help balance the genders in the cast.

Is Seedfolks based on a true story?

The entire sixth grade of Hardy Middle School — located here in Washington, D.C. — read the book, and the students had several questions for Fleischman. Backseat Book Clubber Kyra Bendal, 11, wanted to know whether any of the characters in Seedfolks were based on real-life people. “They are,” says Fleischman.

Who wrote Seedfolks?

Paul Fleischman

Seedfolks (1997) is a children’s novella written by Paul Fleischman, with illustrations by Judy Pedersen. The story is told by a diverse cast of characters living on (or near) Gibb Street in Cleveland, Ohio, each from a different ethnic group.

How many pages is Seedfolks?

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ISBN-13: 9780064472074
Pages: 112
Sales rank: 19,615
Product dimensions: 6.74(w) x 7.92(h) x 0.32(d)
Lexile: 710L (what’s this?)

Why was Virgil embarrassed in Seedfolks?

Also, like most kids, he is very self conscious and embarrassed by his father. For example, he is embarrassed when his father takes up more space in the garden than the rest of the community and lies about it to their neighbor, who is also Virgil’s former third grade teacher.

What lesson did Virgil learn in Seedfolks?

Virgil comes to realize that his father means to make money from their garden. So, he helps his father plant the little seeds and soon finds himself watering the garden ceaselessly.

What did Ana buy so she could see Kim better?

Ana bought binoculars so that she could get a better view of what Kim was doing. She had dug up her beans and felt bad about it.

What did Ana want Wendell to do when she called him Seedfolks?

When Ana calls Wendell, he rushes up to her apartment. And based on the fact that Ana wants Wendell to look at the wilting plants through her binoculars, we now know that this is the same Ana from Chapter 2.

How old is Kim in Seedfolks?

Kim in Seedfolks is a nine-year-old girl from Vietnam whose father died before she was born.

What lesson did Virgil learn in seedfolks?

What race is Nora in seedfolks?

Nora (pp. 59 – 65) Nora is a British nurse who takes care of an elderly African American man named Mr.

Why was Virgil embarrassed in seedfolks?

Why does Ana Call Wendell?

Why does Ana call Wendell to help? They are the only white people left. What does Wendell mean by the saying, “and a little child shall lead them”? The little child was Kim and she helped Wendell see that he could change something too.

Why did Ana dig up Kim’s bean seeds?

Why did Ana dig up Kim’s bean seeds? Ana dug up the seeds because she thought Kim was doing something she shouldn’t be doing, like hiding drugs. She had dug up her beans and felt bad about it.

Why does Wendell not like phones seedfolks?

Why doesn’t Wendell like phone calls? Phone calls often wake him up. He is old and does not know how to use the phone. Ana calls him too much, and it bothers him.

Why did Ana Call Wendell?

How did Kim’s dad die seedfolks?

The cause of Kim’s father’s death is not given either; Kim says only that she had “been born eight months after he’d died.” The author tells us that Kim’s father “had been a farmer…all his life in Vietnam,” but he gives us no specifics on his death.

What does Kim vow to herself?

So, she has made five promises to herself: She insists that she will be brave and proceed with planting the seeds. She vows that her bean plants will thrive and that her father will be able to see them grow and flourish. She is determined to show her father that she is patient and possesses a strong work ethic.

How old is Maricela from seedfolks?

66 – 72) Maricela is a pregnant 16-year-old from Mexico who is participating in a program for pregnant teens.

How old is Kim in seedfolks?