Is the whole nine yards appropriate?

Is the whole nine yards appropriate?

Parents need to know that this movie is rated R for language, sexual references and situations (including sex used as a negotiating technique), substance abuse (including liquor used to cope with problems), and violence (including the death of a major character).

Why is the saying the whole 9 yards?

Some people say it dates back to when square-riggers had three masts, each with three yards supporting the sails, so the whole nine yards meant the sails were fully set. Word-sleuths traced the modern use of “the whole nine yards” as far back as a 1956 article in a magazine called Kentucky Happy Hunting Ground.

How does the whole 9 yards end?

Jimmy kills Janni, and plans to kill Cynthia, to get the money, but Oz saves her. Oz works a deal with Jimmy and makes it look as though Jimmy died, and Cynthia is able to get the money. Jimmy decides to give a sweet million to Oz so he and Cynthia can get married (yeah, they’re in love).

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Who is the lounge singer in The Whole Nine Yards?

Stephanie Andrea Biddle
Stephanie Andrea Biddle (born 23 August) is a Canadian jazz singer and actress.

How much money did the whole nine yards make?

The film grossed $57,262,492 during its U.S. theatrical run, with an additional $49,109,159 internationally. Its worldwide total is $106,371,651. The Whole Nine Yards received mixed reviews from critics.

What was the box office for the whole nine yards?

Stephanie Biddle as jazz singer; Reception Box office. The Whole Nine Yards grossed $57.3 million in the United States and Canada, and $49.1 million in other territories, for a worldwide total of $106.4 million. The film grossed $13.4 million in its opening weekend, finishing second at the box office.

Is there a sequel to the whole nine yards?

A sequel with most of the original cast titled The Whole Ten Yards was released on April 9, 2004. a b c “The Whole Nine Yards (2000)”. Box Office Mojo. Retrieved 2008-05-16. ^ “The Whole Nine Yards”. Box Office Mojo. Retrieved 2020-02-11. ^ “The Whole Nine Yards”. Rotten Tomatoes. Fandango Media. Retrieved 2008-05-16.

When did NASA say the whole nine yards?

In 1964, several newspapers published a syndicated story which explained that “Give ’em the whole nine yards” was NASA talk for an item-by-item report. This early usage can be read as suggesting length, but can also be read as suggesting detailed completeness.

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