Is the castle in A Cure for Wellness real?

Is the castle in A Cure for Wellness real?

Much of the movie was filmed at Germany’s Castle Hohenzollern. To truly capture the gothic nature of the film’s setting, Verbinski arranged to shoot for 11 days at Germany’s famed Castle Hohenzollern.

What is the liquid in A Cure for Wellness?

He also tells that he expects to take Pembroke back with him. Pieterson tells Lockhart that he will make Pembroke available after 7 PM. Lockhart is given a glass of water.

Why does he smile at the end of cure for wellness?

Lockhart had his teeth replaced by fake ones, and one could easily tell because they are nothing close to what natural ones should look like. Maybe, he was just simply smiling for having fled the whole torture. It was a moment of happiness and his smile meant nothing sinister.

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What’s with the eels in A Cure for Wellness?

The water given to patients has microscopic baby eels who gain immortality from being in the water. When patients are given their ‘treatment,’ the water and properties from the immortal eels excretes through sweat and is then collected.

Where did they shoot a cure for wellness?

Hohenzollern Castle
An international co-production based in the United States, Germany, and Luxembourg, the film was shot on location at various German locations, including Hohenzollern Castle in Baden-Württemberg.

What is the movie a cure for wellness about?

A Wall Street stockbroker (Dane DeHaan) travels to a remote location in the Swiss Alps to retrieve his company’s CEO (Harry Groener) from an idyllic but mysterious wellness center. He soon suspects that the miraculous treatments are not what they seem. His sanity is tested when he unravels the spa’s terrifying secrets and finds himself diagnosed with the same curious illness that keeps all of the guests there longing for a cure.
A Cure for Wellness/Film synopsis

Is A Cure for Wellness scary?

Parents need to know that A Cure for Wellness is a bizarre thriller with some horror and supernatural overtones from director Gore Verbinski (the Pirates of the Caribbean movies). It’s frequently violent (often with blood/gore) and very disturbing/unsettling.

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How long is A Cure for Wellness?

2h 26m
A Cure for Wellness/Running time

Is a cure for wellness worth watching?

Conclusion: A Cure for Wellness is definitely worth watching, mostly because of its excellent visuals. But choose carefully with whom you are planning to watch it.

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