Is the Brothers Bloom based on a true story?

Is the Brothers Bloom based on a true story?

The Brothers Bloom was based on a screenplay by American screenwriter and director Rian Johnson. Three of Johnson’s primary influences were big con movies like The Sting (1973) (1973), Dirty Rotten Scoundrels (1988) (1988), and Paper Moon (1973) (1973), the story of Depression era con-man Moses Pray and his maybe/maybe-not daughter Addie Loggins.

What happens at the end of the Brothers Bloom?

Bloom, however, is dissatisfied with being nothing but an actor in Stephen’s schemes. He is tired of being no more than the characters his brother has come up with and wants an ‘unwritten life’. He quits and moves to Montenegro. Three months later, Stephen finds Bloom and convinces him to execute one final con. Bloom reluctantly agrees.

Who are the actors in the Brothers Bloom?

The film stars Rachel Weisz, Adrien Brody, Mark Ruffalo, Rinko Kikuchi, Maximilian Schell, and Robbie Coltrane. The film went into wide release in May 2009.

Where was the movie The Brothers Bloom filmed?

Other locations include Belgrade (Serbia), the Constanța Casino, the Port of Constanța (Romania) and various locations in Greece and Montenegro. The exterior scenes involving the theft of the book were shot in Prague, both in and around Prague Castle and on the Charles Bridge. The ship board scenes were filmed on the steamship (yacht) SS Delphine.

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“The Brothers Bloom” was filmed for a reported $20 million, which is chicken feed if you consider the locations in Montenegro, Serbia, Romania and the Czech Republic. The acting is a delight.

A very funny and intelligent comedy. The Brothers Bloom is a shining comedy with a wonderful cast. It’s an unusual film which in some ways reminds one of Wes Anderson’s work. However, it’s much more entertaining than any of Anderson’s films. Leading the picture are Mark Ruffalo and Adrien Brody. They’re both excellent as the two con men brothers.