Is the Baltimore checkerspot endangered?

Is the Baltimore checkerspot endangered?

Not extinct
Baltimore checkerspot/Extinction status

What do checkerspot caterpillars eat?

The caterpillars feed communally, starting with the underside of the leaf and skeletonizing it (eating all of the leaf but its veins). They overwinter/aestivate as half-grown caterpillars and mature the next spring.

What does a Baltimore checkerspot butterfly look like?

The adult Baltimore Checkerspot is a medium-sized butterfly with a wing spread of 1¾ – 2¾ inches. From above, the wings are black with a row of deep orange crescents along the outer edges (marginMargin: The edges of the wing.). The underside of the Baltimore Checkerspot is similar, but with more white and orange.

What is the Maryland state butterfly?

Baltimore Checkerspot Butterfly
Maryland State Insect – Baltimore Checkerspot Butterfly. The Baltimore Checkerspot Butterfly (Euphydryas phaeton) has been the official arthropodic emblem of the State since 1973 (Chapter 253, Acts of 1973; Code General Provisions Article, sec.

Why is the Bay checkerspot butterfly endangered?

Luckily for the Bay checkerspot, its population plunge was observed early on by biologists, earning it a federal Endangered Species Act listing in 1987. Like all butterflies, the Bay checkerspot is extremely vulnerable to pesticides, which contaminate its host plants and poison its larvae.

What do Taylor checkerspot butterflies eat?

It is clear from the remaining wild populations of the butterfly in Oregon, Washington and British Columbia that they often eat harsh paintbrush (Castilleja hispida), but some populations have made a host switch to English plantain (Plantago lanceolata), a weedy invasive plant.

What do Oregon caterpillars eat?

Almost all moth larvae (caterpillars) feed on some form of a plant, from the leaves to the roots. Some species eat only a small number of different plant species, but others eat a huge variety of plants. As adults, moths feed on water, plant nectar, rotting fruit, and sap from wounded trees.

What number is Maryland out of the 50 states?

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How long do checkerspot butterflies live?

Emergence to an adult butterfly occurs in 15-30 days, depending upon thermal conditions. The normal life span of the bay checkerspot butterfly (egg-larvae-pupae-butterfly) is one year. developed a recovery plan for the bay checkerspot butterfly in 1998.

What kind of butterfly is the Baltimore checkerspot?

The Baltimore checkerspot ( Euphydryas phaeton) is a North American butterfly of the family Nymphalidae . It has been the official state insect of the U.S. State of Maryland since 1973.

What kind of habitat does the Baltimore checkerspot live in?

Habitat The Baltimore checkerspot lives in wet, weedy meadows. Breeding habitat depends on presence of their host plants, including white turtlehead before winter and ash, viburnums, penstemon, plantains and honeysuckle during spring. They often live in colonies.

How did the Baltimore checkerspot get its name?

The Baltimore checkerspot was named for the first Lord Baltimore due to its similarity of colors in the family crest. Despite the species status as Maryland state insect, the population in Maryland has face significant decline and is currently listed by the Maryland Department of Natural Resources as “rare, threatened,…

What kind of plant does a Baltimore checkerspot use?

As they grow, Baltimore checkerspot caterpillars use a variety of host plants in addition to turtlehead, including arrowwood viburnum, narrow-leaved plantain, penstemon and honeysuckle.