Is Sergei a Russian name?

Is Sergei a Russian name?

The name Sergei is primarily a male name of Russian origin that means Servant.

What is English version of Sergei?

ser-gei, se-rg-ei ] The baby boy name Sergei is pronounced as SiyR-GYEY or SYehR-GYEY (Russian) †. Sergei is used predominantly in English, Russian, and Slavic. Its origin is Etrusk. English variations of Sergei include Serge (used in French, German, and Russian too), Serghey, and Seryoga.

Where does the name Sergey come from?

MEANING: This name derives from the Latin “(Servus > Servĭus) > Sergĭus”, meaning “servant, slave”. The name of a Roman patrician family, Sergia (or Sergii), originally from Alba Longa, who, according to legend, could have descended from the Trojan Sergesto.

What is the nickname for Sergei?

Seryozha is the right pronunciation of Серёжа (and I think it’s the most common diminutive of Sergey); “zh” is like “s” in “measure” or “treasure”, just harder.

What does Misha mean?

Misha as a girl’s name is of Hebrew origin meaning “who resembles God”.

Is Misha gender neutral?

The name Misha is primarily a gender-neutral name of Russian origin that means Who Is Like God?. Diminutive form of Michael. Used only as a male name in Russia.

Is Serge a common name?

It is a common Christian name, in honor of Saint Sergius, or in Russia, of Saint Sergius of Radonezh. It is not common in English, although the Anglo-French name Sergeant is possibly related to it….Sergius (name)

Word/name Latin, possibly from Etruscan
Meaning Servant or Protector
Region of origin Italy, Europe

Does the name Serge mean?

Serge Origin and Meaning The name Serge is a boy’s name of French, Russian origin meaning “servant”. Old saints’ and popes’ name that went to France in the 1920s with the Russian Ballets Russes; in its Russian form, Sergei, it retains an artistic, almost effete air.