Is Richard Chamberlain married?

Is Richard Chamberlain married?

Martin Rabbett
រីឆាដ ឆេមប័រឡេន/ប្រពន្ធ
His best roles were, probably, in the iconic mini-series The Thorn Birds and Shogun. Till the recent time, Richard’s personal life was no less successful than his career. In 1984, the actor married his longtime manager, Martin Rabbett, who is 19 years younger than Chamberlain.

What has happened to Richard Chamberlain?

At 76, Chamberlain continues to enjoy a thriving career: though he currently plays an HIV-positive love interest for Ron Rifkin’s character on Brothers & Sisters, he has also had a slew of straight roles on Will & Grace and his new film We Are The Hartmans.

Martin Rabbettm. 1984–2010
Richard Chamberlain/Spouse

How old is Richard Chamberlain the actor?

87 years (March 31, 1934)
Richard Chamberlain/Age

Is Richard Chamberlain still acting?

George Richard Chamberlain (born March 31, 1934) is an American actor and singer, who became a teen idol in the title role of the television show Dr….

Richard Chamberlain
Alma mater Pomona College (B.A., 1956)
Occupation Actor, singer
Years active 1958–present

Who is Eli Grant’s father?

David Banning
Eli Grant

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Family Horton, Banning, Grant
Parents David Banning † Valerie Grant (biological) Terrence † (step)
Siblings Scotty Banning (paternal)
Spouses Lani Price (married; 2020-present)

Who is Jennifer Horton’s mom?

Laura Horton
Jennifer Horton/Mother
Jennifer Horton and her mother, Laura Horton, aren’t the only Horton ladies Jack Deveraux was romantically involved with on Days of Our Lives. Jack was at one time engaged to Jennifer’s cousin Melissa Horton (Lisa Trusel). Melissa is Maggie Horton (Suzanne Rogers) and Mickey Horton’s (John Clark) adopted daughter.