Is Mirror Force still banned?

Is Mirror Force still banned?

2 Useless: Mirror Force “Mirror Force” was so powerful it would spend its early life on the banlist as limited (and straight-up banned for a few formats) before eventually becoming fully unlimited in 2014.

Is Mirror force a limited card?

– Mirror Force (GLD1-EN039) – Gold Series 1 – Limited Edition – Gold Rare. Brand: Yu-Gi-Oh! A single individual card from the Yu-Gi-Oh!

Is Mirror Force Good?

5 MIRROR FORCE One of the most powerful traps ever created when it was first introduced. It activates when the opponent declares an attack and destroys all attack position monsters they control. This card should still be great, but ultimately there’s too much backrow hate and most traps don’t survive into battle.

Is drowning Mirror Force Limited?

This page contains the rating and basic information for the card Drowning Mirror Force in Yu-Gi-Oh!…Drowning Mirror Force – Basic Information.

Category Trap/Normal
Rarity UR

Why is Mirror Force bad?

Mirror force is bad not only because there are card effects that trigger when they hit the graveyard, but also because there are card effects that trigger either while in the graveyard or when special summoned from the graveyard.

Does drowning Mirror Force target?

Drowning Mirror Force doesn’t Target either, meaning that only the fewest of monsters aren’t able to be touched by this effect.

Is there a way to ban Mirror Force?

No need to ban mirror force, its a very strong card but its totally balanced right now. 1) Trap, You need to set it first. And it can be negated via royal decree. 2) Activates on attack, Vunerable to breaker (Which is now at three) and MST and the like.

When to destroy an opponent in Mirror Force?

Mirror Force | Card Details | Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME – CARD DATABASE When an opponent’s monster declares an attack: Destroy all your opponent’s Attack Position monsters.

When does Dark Mirror Force banish all monsters?

When an opponent’s monster declares an attack, Dark Mirror Force can banish all defense position monsters the opponent controls. The issue here is, there’s never a reason for monsters to be in defense position in this game.

Can a mirror force be activated in the same turn?

If the card is still destroyed while it’s set by the opponent’s card effect, they can set both this card from the grave, then a Mirror Force from the hand, deck, or grave and they can both be activated during the same turn. This card’s best usage counts on the opponent to destroy it while it’s set, which is asking too much.