Is Michael Socha in line of duty?

Is Michael Socha in line of duty?

Vicky McClure – who plays Lol – has also earned critical acclaim for her appearances in Line of Duty and Broadchurch. Meanwhile the doe-eyed Michael Socha, who plays Harvey, is preparing to make his West End debut in a new play, This Is Living.

Is Michael Socha married?

The famous actor has not married yet but has a son named Elis Michael Socha, who was born in 2012. He had his son with his girlfriend, Faye Ray.

What is Lauren Socha doing now?

Socha, from Derby, has been working as a care assistant alongside her acting career since she was 21. Socha won a Bafta for her role in Channel 4 series Misfits and her latest project has been a BBC series called The Other One, which was piloted back in 2017.

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Does Michael Socha have a sister?

Lauren Socha
Michael Socha/បងប្អួន​ស្រី

Where was this is England 90 filmed?

Production. Much of the filming took place in Sheffield, particularly in the Gleadless area, with the Park Hill flats serving as the location for Harvey and Gadget’s flat.

Who plays Kavanagh in Time?

Terence Maynard –
Terence Maynard – Kavanagh Since leaving the Street, Terence has been in Casualty, Cursed, The Witcher, Death in Paradise and loads more.

Why did Lauren leave Misfits?

“Misfits” star Lauren Socha is leaving the popular Channel 4 teen drama and will not return for the fourth season. According to BBC, the BAFTA winner was sentenced to four months in prison after she admitted to racially aggravated assault on a taxi driver. Socha isn’t the only original cast member exiting the series.

Are Lauren and Michael Socha twins?

Socha was born in Derby, Derbyshire, England, to Kathleen Lyons (nicknamed “Kath”) and Robert Socha, on 13 December 1987. He is the older brother of actress Lauren Socha, star of the Channel 4 comedy-drama Misfits. Socha was brought up in Littleover, a suburb of Derby, and attended St Benedict Catholic School.

Was Lauren Socha fired from Misfits?

“Misfits” star Lauren Socha is leaving the popular Channel 4 teen drama and will not return for the fourth season. Socha isn’t the only original cast member exiting the series. Both Antonia Thomas and Iwan Rheon have left the series.

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Why did Curtis turn into a zombie?

Curtis next takes Lola to a bar, where she meets her ex-boyfriend. Lola pretends to Curtis he assaulted her, leading Curtis to enter his flat and interrogate him. This eventually led to his death at Curtis’s hands, and he confesses his murder to Lola. Despite this, Curtis was bitten by him and became a zombie.

What music video is Michael Socha in?

Something About You
The video from “Something About You” stars Michael Socha from HBO’s Chernobyl as the main actor, and focuses on the importance of young men’s mental health. The video begins with a group of men sitting at a therapy session together when Socha is asked to share his emotions.

Who is the cell mate in Time?

In Time, Aneurin plays Bernard, the cellmate of Sean Bean’s Mark Cobden, a new prisoner who is slowly discovering the intricacies and traumatic experiences of prison life.

Why is Kelly not in Misfits?

After bagging a BAFTA for her breakout role as “chavvy” (her words, not ours) Kelly, Socha was found guilty of aggravated assault. By mutual decision, the actress did not return for the show’s fourth series.

Why did Lauren Socha leave misfit?

Does Curtis kill himself in Misfits?

Curtis Donovan was the longest serving member of the original Misfits gang. After discovering Lola’s secret, Curtis succumbed his infection and resolved to kill himself before he could cause anymore harm. He was potrayed by Nathan Stewart-Jarrett in the first four series of Misfits.