Is Marsha Thomason still married?

Is Marsha Thomason still married?

Marsha Thomason was born on January 19, 1976 in Manchester, England as Marsha Lisa Thomason. She is an actress, known for White Collar (2009), Safe House (2015) and Lost (2004). She has been married to Craig Sykes since April 5, 2009.

How old is Marsha Thompson?

45 ปี (19 มกราคม 2519)
มาร์ชา โทมาสัน/อายุ

What is Marsha Thomason worth?

Marsha Thomason Net Worth: Marsha Thomason is a British actress who has a net worth of $2 million. Marsha Thomason was born in Moston, Manchester, England, United Kingdom in January 1976.

Was Marsha Thomason in Dr Who?

She is probably best known for her role as Nessa Holt on NBC’s Las Vegas and Diana Berrigan on the USA Network’s White Collar. For Disney, she played Sara Evers and Elizabeth Henshaw in The Haunted Mansion and Naomi Dorrit in Lost. She also played Isabel Barnes in the ABC TV series, The Good Doctor.

Why was Marsha Thomason fired from Vegas?

Question: What’s the real story behind Marsha Thomason’s departure from Las Vegas? Answer: As series creator Gary Scott Thompson cryptically told me in July, Marsha “wanted to do some other things.” Interpret as you like.

Is Diana from white collar pregnant in real life?

In Season 5, Diana decides to get pregnant via sperm donor and be a single mother. In real life, Marsha Thomason was pregnant by her husband, Craig Sykes. The show decided to write in Thomason’s pregnancy instead of making Diana disappear.

Is Diana in white collar really pregnant?

Is Nessa Ed’s daughter?

Delinda Deline (Molly Sims) is Ed and Jillian’s daughter.

Who does Diana have a baby with in White Collar?

White Collar actress Marsha Thomason welcomed a baby girl Wednesday, People reports. The first child for Thomason and her husband Craig Sykes, the little one is named Tallulah Anaïs.

45 years (January 19, 1976)
Marsha Thomason/Age

Why did Marsha Thomason leave the show Vegas?