Is Loki the antagonist in Thor?

Is Loki the antagonist in Thor?

Loki Laufeyson is a major character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He is the main antagonist of both Thor and The Avengers, a cameo antagonist in Captain America: The First Avenger, the tritagonist of Thor: The Dark World, the deuteragonist of Thor: Ragnarok and a minor character in Avengers: Infinity War.

Who is the strongest Thor villain?

10 Thor Villains More Powerful Than Loki

  1. 1 Gorr the God Butcher. Everyone has a different opinion.
  2. 2 Mangog. Most Marvel villain’s powers seem to come from a single place or within themself.
  3. 3 Surtur.
  4. 4 Hela.
  5. 5 Kurse.
  6. 6 The Destroyer.
  7. 7 Cul Borson, The Serpent.
  8. 8 The Midgard Serpent.

Who is the main villain in Loki TV series?

That same comic also introduced Ravonna Renslayer and features Kang the Conqueror as its central villain. Oh yeah, it’s all coming together. Alioth is considered to be the first being that broke free from the constraints of time. It’s no wonder then that it would make an appearance in Loki.

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Is Loki and Thor brothers?

Loki Laufeyson Thor and his brother Loki on Sakaar. Loki is Thor’s adopted brother and the Asgardian god of mischief.

Will Gorr kill Thor?

Gorr was later resurrected by Loki Laufeyson, aka Loki, the new host to All-Black. Gorr reclaimed the All-Black from him and impaled him in the back. He crucified Thor and Loki, and vowed to destroy Midgard and make Thor watch.

Did Thanos break Loki’s neck?

The God of Mischief is well known for his tricks, and has had a number of fake deaths over the course of the MCU. As a result, when Loki’s neck was snapped by Thanos, viewers immediately questioned whether or not he was truly dead this time. That leaves every other death in question, including Loki’s.

Does Sylvie kill Loki?

Eventually, Sylvie throws a blast of green light at Loki, and he vanishes — but just as Sylvie is about to bring her blade down on He Who Remains, Loki reappears right in the sword’s trajectory, and he finally gets Sylvie to pause.

What is Loki’s real name?

Loki (character)

Created by Stan Lee Larry Lieber Jack Kirby
In-story information
Full name Loki Odinson (né Laufeyson)
Species Jötunn (Frost Giant)–God
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Why is Loki not blue?

The Marvel Visual Dictionary explained that Loki does not turn back blue even upon death because of Odin’s magical change to him. It appears to be permanent except when Loki touches an object that is owned or created by the Jotunheim Frost Giants. This is why Loki didn’t change back in color when Thanos killed him.

While the Loki of the Marvel comics and films does derive his cunning character from the Loki of Norse myth, the biggest difference is that in the Marvel universe, Loki is depicted as the adopted brother and son of Thor and Odin.

What is Odin the god of?

From earliest times Odin was a war god, and he appeared in heroic literature as the protector of heroes; fallen warriors joined him in Valhalla. The wolf and the raven were dedicated to him. Odin was the great magician among the gods and was associated with runes. He was also the god of poets.

Who is the villain in Thor The Dark World?

Malekith the Accursed is the main antagonist of the 2013 Marvel film Thor: The Dark World. He is the cruel leader of the Dark Elves who plots to plunge the universe into eternal darkness. He was portrayed by Christopher Eccleston, who also played Raymond Calitri in Gone in 60 Seconds, Destro in G.I. Joe, and Henry West in 28 Days Later .

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Who is Malekith in Thor The Dark World?

The Aether cannot be destroyed! ~ Malekith’s final words, before being sent back to his home realm and being crushed to death by his ship. Malekith the Accursed is the main antagonist of the 2013 Marvel film Thor: The Dark World. He is the cruel leader of the Dark Elves who plots to plunge the universe into eternal darkness.

Who is Kurse in Thor The Dark World?

Aid Malekith in re-obtaining the Aether (succeeded). Kill Thor and Loki (failed). Kurse (also known as Algrim the Strong) is the secondary antagonist of the 2013 Marvel film Thor: The Dark World . He is a Dark Elf who served as the right-hand man to Malekith.

Who is Algrim in Thor The Dark World?

Algrim the Strong is the secondary antagonist of Thor: The Dark World and was one of the Dark Elves of Svartalfheim who became Kurse, an enemy of Thor . Algrim is Malekith’s trusted and loyal lieutenant.