Is Jon Schaffer married?

Is Jon Schaffer married?

Jon Schaffer is currently living a single life. However, he was once in a romantic relationship with his wife Wendi Schaffer. Talking about his children, the couple became parents with the birth of their first daughter in the year 2005.

How much is Jon Schaffer worth?

If you guys are wondering about the musician’s net worth, Jon Schaffer has an estimated net worth of $1 million.

What band is John Shaffer in?

Iced EarthSince 1985
Demons & WizardsSince 1997Sons of Liberty
Jon Schaffer/Music groups

Is Jon Schaffer still in Iced Earth?

At the end of January, the band released a statement detailing his departure from the group. He died about a week later on Feb. 6.

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Did Iced Earth break up?

2/15/2021 10:55 AM PT The insurrection is dividing heavy metal band Iced Earth the lead singer and bassist quit after the group’s founder was arrested for allegedly raiding the Capitol. With Stu and Luke out of the band, Iced Earth is down to just 2 members drummer Brent Smedley and Schaffer.

What does Schaeffer mean?

Schaeffer is a German surname. It is a varaient of Schaefer, from schäfer (“shepherd”) and of Schaffer, from a noun (meaning steward or bailiff) derived from Middle High German schaffen.

How much is Iced Earth worth?

Quick Facts: Why Is Iced Earth’s Jon Schaffer Arrested? 10 Facts To Know About The Indiana Guitarist

Name Jon Schaffer
Net Worth $1 Million – $5 Million
Children 1 daughter
Education Lutheran school
Instagram @jonschafferofficial

Is Jon Ryan Schaffer in jail?

JON SCHAFFER Remains In Custody At Marion County Jail Awaiting Extradition. In addition, Blind Guardian frontman Hansi Kürsch recently announced he has dissolved his Demons & Wizards partnership with Schaffer.

How much time is Jon Schaffer facing?

Schaffer pleaded guilty to a criminal information charging him with obstruction of an official proceeding and entering and remaining in a restricted building or grounds with a deadly or dangerous weapon. Combined, he faces up to 30 years in prison if convicted.

Who owns Iced Earth?

Jon Schaffer
Century Media Records is proud to announce a very special release: ICED EARTH’s mastermind Jon Schaffer has teamed up with his old pals in PURGATORY, the band that he originally founded in 1985, then later became ICED EARTH, to record five tracks that were written between 1985 and 1987, now to be released as the “ …

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What label is Iced Earth on?

Century Media Records
Iced Earth/Record labels

What ethnicity is the last name Schaefer?

German (Schäfer) and Jewish (Ashkenazic): occupational name for a shepherd, from an agent derivative of German Schaf, Middle High German schaf ‘sheep’. This name is widespread throughout central and eastern Europe.

How do you spell the last name Schaefer?

Variants “Shaefer”, “Schäfer” (a standardized spelling in many German-speaking countries after 1880), the additional alternative spelling “Schäffer”, and the anglicised forms “Schaeffer”, “Schaffer”, “Shaffer”, “Shafer”, and “Schafer” are all common surnames.

Is Iced Earth dead?

Schaffer is in FBI custody on felony charges, which has generated new publicity for Iced Earth and has resulted in the band being dropped from their longtime label Century Media….

Iced Earth
Years active 1984–present
Labels Century Media, SPV
Associated acts Demons & Wizards Death Testament

What is Jon Schaffer charged with?

WASHINGTON — Oath Keeper and heavy metal guitarist Jon Schaffer entered a plea of guilty on two charges Friday, becoming the first person charged in the Capitol riot to plead in the case. Schaffer was charged in January with six counts, including engaging in an act of physical violence in a Capitol building.

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Is Schaefer German?

Is the name Schaefer German?

German (Schäfer) and Jewish (Ashkenazic): occupational name for a shepherd, from an agent derivative of German Schaf, Middle High German schaf ‘sheep’. This name is widespread throughout central and eastern Europe.

What is the most common last name in Germany?

The most common German surname, Müller (miller), is shared by around 700,000 people. This is followed in popularity by the name Schmidt (along with variants such as Schmitt or Schmitz, this comes from the blacksmith’s trade), with Meier coming in third place.

What do German last names end with?

The the most common form of German family name is occupational. It can often be identified by its ending: -er, -hauer, -macher, or man/-mann. Often a person was distinguished by a reference to his or her father. This is referred to as “patronymic.”

What is a German person called?

Germans (German: Deutsche) are the natives or inhabitants of Germany, and sometimes more broadly any people who are of German descent or native speakers of the German language. The constitution of Germany defines a German as a German citizen.