Is it possible to be in love with a TV character?

Is it possible to be in love with a TV character?

Falling in love with a fictional character is not unusual, and many people have found themselves emotionally attached to a character in a book, movie, TV show, or video game. You do want to be careful that these romantic feelings don’t prevent you from living your life or having real romantic relationships.

What do you call a person who is in love with a fictional character?

Philautia is self-love; that definitely does not apply to love between real people and fictional characters. Real people aren’t put in arranged relationships with fictional characters, so that term is out, too. Ludus is the version of love people feel in “no strings attached” relationships.

How do I stop obsessing over TV characters?

If you really want to stop obsessing over the character though, take a little break from the OUAT, watch another TV series with hot guys in it, read a book, work on a hobby, or find a boyfriend if you want one, and if you do have a boyfriend already hang out with him, and remind yourself just why he makes your heart …

Why do I get obsessed with TV characters?

“When there’s a character that you feel emotionally connected to, despite the character’s personality likely not being who they really are in the real world, your brain recognizes the human emotion they are portraying and starts to feel connected to those characters,” Forshee tells Elite Daily.

How does TV affect mental health?

One study by researchers from the University of Texas at Austin found a high correlation between binge-watching, depression, and loneliness. ‍Other studies have found negative effects including increased fatigue, mood disturbances, and insomnia.

Why do dramas make me depressed?

Post Drama Depression occurs when hormone levels skyrocket during a drama. This can be either extreme happiness or sadness about something that happened in the drama or feelings of hopelessness when a drama does not end the way you think it should. The drama features your favorite Drama Actor/Actress.