Is Bruce Spence married?

Is Bruce Spence married?

Jenny Spencem. 1973
Bruce Spence/Spouse

Is Bruce Spence the same character in both Mad Max movies?

There is debate amongst fans regarding whether Jedediah from Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome is also the Gyro Captain from Mad Max 2, as the actor Bruce Spence portrays the two characters, both of which having similar characteristics. George Miller has stated that they are in fact different characters altogether.

Who was the helicopter pilot in Mad Max?

Bruce Spence
Appearances. The Gyro Captain was a scavenging autogyro pilot who roamed The Wasteland. He was portrayed by Bruce Spence in Mad Max 2.

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Who plays the trainman in Matrix?

Bruce SpenceThe Matrix Revolutions
Trainman/Played by

How old is Bruce Spence?

75 years (17 September 1945)
Bruce Spence/Age

Where is Bruce Spence now?

When starring as the wizard Zeddicus Zu’l Zorander in the cult series “Legend of the Seeker”, which was filmed in New Zealand, Bruce found he had come full circle, working directly opposite his old high school in Henderson. At home in Sydney he lives quietly with his wife, Jenny and an adoring tabby cat.

Is the trainman stronger than Neo?

Neo demands that he be allowed to leave Mobil Avenue, to which the Trainman responds by punching Neo into the wall and saying that he is stronger than Neo due to the fact that he makes the rules governing this location.

How tall is Bruce Spence?

1.98 m
Bruce Spence/Height

How old is Bruce Spencer?

Bruce Spence
Born 17 September 1945 Auckland, New Zealand
Nationality New Zealander Australian
Occupation Actor, voice artist
Years active 1970-present

Who is the most powerful person in the Matrix?

Reloaded Weapons: The 20 Most Powerful Characters In The Matrix, Officially Ranked

  1. 1 NEO. Neo didn’t make his way to the top of the list because he can fly, or because he can dodge bullets.
  2. 2 THE ORACLE.
  5. 5 SERAPH.
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How strong is Neo?

Inside of the Matrix, Neo has extensive physical abilities. One of these dictates that he has immeasurable strength. Said strength makes him capable of crushing or demolishing anything he sees fit.

75 years (September 17, 1945)

Why does bane want to kill Neo?

Corrupted by Smith Bane sees Neo and because he was corrupted by Agent Smith, he attacks Neo and they fight. During their struggle, Neo’s eyesight was permanently destroyed as a result of Bane using an severed elctrical cable by sticking it right into the left eye.

What kind of movies did Bruce Spence appear in?

Bruce Spence is a popular actor from New Zealand. He has appeared in numerous films and TV series including Peter Pan, God of Egypt and Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales. He began his acting career with a minor role in an Australian film The Stork in 1971. He then appeared in Australian as well Hollywood movies and TV programs.

When did Bruce Spence join Sydney Theatre Company?

Bruce Spence has been a widely acclaimed performer on STC’s stages since 1980 when he made his debut with us in The Merry Wives of Windsor .

Who is Bruce Spence from Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome?

Bruce Spence was born on September 17, 1945 in Auckland, North Island, New Zealand. He is an actor, known for Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior (1981), Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome (1985) and The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (2003). He has been married to Jenny since September 16, 1973.

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Who is Bruce Spence from Pirates of the Caribbean?

In 2017, he played in the fifth installment of the Pirates of the Caribbean’s franchise, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales. Bruce Spence was born on September 17, 1945, in Auckland, New Zealand. He also spent the long duration of career making his best performance in Australia.