Is Brian coming back to fast 9?

Is Brian coming back to fast 9?

If you’re wondering whether or not Paul Walker’s Brian O’Conner makes some sort of cameo in “Fast 9,” the answer is no. “F9” doesn’t just an explanation for Brian’s absence in the latest “Fast and Furious” movie — it also honors the character with two subtle and respectful nods towards the film’s end.

Who is Bryan in fast and furious?

Paul WalkerThe Fast and the Furious
Cody WalkerThe Fast and the Furious
Brian O’Conner/Diperankan oleh

Will Brian O’Conner be in F9?

If you don’t get a little teary eyed at the end of Furious 7, you simply have no heart. While O’Conner is only mentioned briefly in F8: Fate of the Furious, his existence is nodded to in a bigger way in F9.

How is Han alive in F9?

Han faked his death and never alerted Dom or his friends about his whereabouts in order to steal a device (Project Aries) that’s at the center of “F9.” Instead, Han stumbled upon a young girl, Elle, connected to the device and had to protect her for the safety of the world.

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Is Hobbs and Shaw in Fast 9?

Fast and Furious 9 follows Dom Toretto (Vin Diesel) facing his demons as the past comes back to haunt him. There is one notable absence in the movie however, with Luke Hobbs (Dwayne Johnson) one of very few family members not to return.

Why is Han alive in F9?

Why are Hobbs and Shaw not in fast 9?

There was a time where “Fast 9” was originally supposed to come out in 2019, before “Hobbs & Shaw,” but the film was later delayed. We asked the director because that scene could be interpreted to make you think that Queenie was eventually caught and put in jail, where she was in “Hobbs & Shaw.”

Is Gisele alive in F9?

This played into Han’s expanded backstory and the decisions he made after watching Gisele die in Fast & Furious 6’s finale. Gisele didn’t return from the dead in F9, but the movie did manage to expand her story. With a Fast and Furious 6 flashback, Gal Gadot had a Gisele cameo thanks to the movie reusing footage.