Is ABBA from Stockholm?

Is ABBA from Stockholm?

ABBA, the Swedish supertroupers who stormed the pop world between 1972 and 1983. Even though ABBA took a break over 30 years ago, the movie Mamma Mia! featuring their music, is the most successful movie musical ever and almost 50 million people have seen the same-named musical production.

How much does it cost to go to the ABBA museum?

Tickets for the ABBA Museum is SEK250 for adults and SEK95 for children 7 to 15. A family ticket – only available directly at the museum but telephone reservations are possible – is SEK595 for up to two adults and four children.

Who owns the ABBA museum?

Today, almost two years after opening, success is a fact. And now a new principal owner is taking over operation of the museum. Phase two is underway. POP HOUSE SWEDEN, which already owns the property at Djurgårdsvägen and runs the hotel and restaurant, is now taking over the operations of ABBA The Museum as well.

Which city was Abbaworld an Authorised exhibition and interactive experience about the band opened 2010?


What country is Abba from?

Stockholm, Sweden

What is in the ABBA museum?

ABBA The Museum is an interactive museum where you can virtually try on ABBA’s costumes, sing, play, mix original music and become the fifth member of ABBA by performing on our large stage together with Björn, Benny, Frida and Agnetha.

Is the ABBA museum worth it?

We spent a few days in Stockholm – the ABBA museum was one of the highlights ! Not only is it a trip back in time – you can also have some fun with karaoke songs to their special music. If you are a fan it is a must – because interesting information about this band is provided there.

Does ABBA have a museum?

ABBA The Museum is a Swedish interactive exhibition about the pop band ABBA that opened in Stockholm, Sweden in May 2013. ABBA’s collected works are showcased in a contemporary, interactive setting at Djurgården, Stockholm.

How much is public transport in Stockholm?

SL’s ticket prices

Card name Adult fare Discounted fare
24-hour card 155 SEK 105 SEK
72-hour card 310 SEK 210 SEK
7-day card 405 SEK 270 SEK
30-day card 950 SEK 620 SEK

How much is a travel card in Stockholm?

The price for travelcards used on public transportation in Stockholm are as follow: 24-hour travelcard: 155 SEK (14.65 € / $16.10 / £12.40) adults and 105 SEK (9.95 € / $10.90 / £8.40) others. 72-hour travelcard: 310 SEK (29.35 € / $32.10 / £24.85) adults and 210 SEK (19.90 € / $21.75 / £16.85) others.