In what way does Gene describe his memories of the war years?

In what way does Gene describe his memories of the war years?

How does Gene describe his war year memories? He feels that although things are limited, he is provided with a lot and feels guilty for this luxury. What did the swimming incident say about Finny? This showed that Finny did not care about what others thought of him and did what he did to entertain himself.

How does the war affect gene in a separate peace?

Yes, the war does impact him; for example, it gives him a horrible experience with Leper, it impacts his life at Devon as troops and supplies for the war move onto campus, and it takes many of his friends away from him. However, Gene struggled with the issues that war raised before he ever got to the real war.

What does Gene say about fighting in war?

Gene now speaks again from the perspective of his older self. He says that he never killed anyone during his time in the military—that his war was fought at Devon and that it was there that he killed his enemy. Finny alone, he muses, understood that the perceived enemy might not be an enemy at all.

What do genes think of war?

Gene doesn’t agree with Finny and Brinker’s idea of war as a conflict inflicted by the older generation upon the young. Instead, Gene believes that the inability of most people to see past their own fears and insecurities leads them to see others as enemies.

What conclusion does Gene come to about the cause of wars?

Gene realizes that he, in a symbolic sort of way, had declared war on Finny. He ignorantly concluded–because of his own insecurities and jealousy of Finny–that Finny was trying to bring him down and distract him so that he wouldn’t do well in his studies.

What does Gene realize about Finny’s reaction to the thought of his enlisting?

Finny’s unenthusiastic reaction leads Gene to realize that Finny doesn’t want him to leave. Gene now tells Brinker, to Finny’s obvious relief, that he no longer wants to enlist. He then suggests that they cut class to give Finny a chance to look at the school after his long absence.