How would you describe Eckels?

How would you describe Eckels?

Eckels is a pompous blowhard. That might be not be technical enough, but it is how I would describe him. Perhaps a better character description of Eckels would be to describe him as an arrogant coward. Right from the beginning of the story, Bradbury paints Eckels as a guy that the reader takes an aversion to.

What does Eckels do in the story?

When he travels into the pre-historic past, Eckels steps off the anti-gravity path made by Time Safari, Inc., and in so doing, he kills a butterfly. This act has consequences that reach all the way to present time.

How is Eckels a coward?

Expert Answers Eckels is on a time safari – a trip to the distant past using a time machine, to hunt animals that are extinct in the modern world. The “it” that can’t be killed, according to Eckels, is a tyrannosaurus, the sight of which saps Eckels of his will and confidence and turns him into a coward.

How does Eckels die in a sound of thunder?

Eckels had stepped on a butterfly in the ancient forest and killed it which set into motion a ripple effect whose consequences become visible to them in the present.

What does Mr Eckels say in the sound of Thunder?

At the Time Safari, Inc. office, Eckels discusses the recent election with the company official and expresses his approval for Keith ’s win over Deutscher. He also jokes that he’d be running away to the past if the election had gone differently, ironically foreshadowing the ways in which his trip will change history.

What happens at the end of the sound of Thunder?

Upon returning to 2055, Eckels notices subtle changes: English words are now spelled and spoken strangely, people behave differently, and Eckels discovers that Deutscher has won the election instead of Keith.

Who is the Coward in a sound of Thunder?

Eckels, balanced on the narrow Path, aimed his rifle playfully. When it comes down to it though, Eckels is a coward. Granted, a T. rex would be a scary sight, but Eckels is the only hunter who so completely loses his self control that he is unable to follow a simple path back to the time machine. “Get me out of here,” said Eckels.

Who are the hunters in a sound of Thunder?

When the party arrives in the past, Travis (the hunting guide) and Lesperance (Travis’s assistant) warn Eckels and the two other hunters, Billings and Kramer, about the necessity of minimizing the events they change before they go back, since even the smallest alterations to the distant past could snowball into catastrophic changes in history.