How tall is Corbin Bleu in real life?

How tall is Corbin Bleu in real life?

Corbin Bleu may not be the tallest but he passes for an average man and has the perfect build to go with his height. The talented actor stands at 5 feet 11 inches (180 cm) and weighs a proportional 68 kg (150 pounds). Bleu’s chest measures 43 inches (109 cm), giving his biceps of 15 inches (38 cm) a sturdy look. He wears a size 9 US for his shoes.

Who is Corbin Bleu from High School Musical?

Corbin Bleu Reivers ( / bluː /; born February 21, 1989), known professionally as Corbin Bleu, is an American actor, model, dancer, film producer and singer-songwriter. He performed in the High School Musical film series (2006–2008).

How did Corbin Bleu lose so much weight?

Corbin did that and had an instant weight loss kinda thing. He lost 7 pounds of body weight from 156 to 149 pounds only in a night’s time. That’s pretty much instant. This weight loss is due to the water loss from the body. A human’s two-third body weight is due to water.

How old was Corbin Bleu when he did his first commercial?

Bleu appeared in television commercials starting at the age of two, for products such as Life cereal, Bounty, Hasbro, and Nabisco. He began taking jazz and ballet classes, usually being the only boy in the class.

How old is Corbin Bleu from Flight 29 Down?

Corbin Bleu was born February 21, 1989 in Brooklyn, New York, United States. Corbin Bleu Age 30 Years Old. He is an American Actor, Model, Dancer, Film Producer and Singer-Songwriter. Corbin Bleu has an estimated net worth of $4 million dollars. He famous for Playing Nathan McHugh in the Discovery Kids’ Flight 29 Down from 2005 to 2007.

How much money does Corbin Bleu make a year?

Corbin Bleu has enough to show for all his toils over his career years. His estimated net worth of $10 million is attributed to his movie roles as well as his musical endeavours. Bleu is also a model and has worked for different brands.

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