How old was Zac Efron Hairspray?

How old was Zac Efron Hairspray?

21 years old
In between filming the “HSM” movies, he booked roles on two other films, most notably the musical comedy “Hairspray.” At just 21 years old, he landed a place on the Forbes Celebrity 100 list, which measures stars by fame and money.

Did Michelle Pfeiffer sing in Hairspray?

Michelle Pfeiffer plays television station manager and not-so-merry widow Velma Von Tussle in the upcoming musical film adaptation of “Hairspray,” having previously sung in the movie “The Fabulous Baker Boys” as well as in “Grease 2.”

How old are they supposed to be in Hairspray?

Plot. In 1962, Tracy Turnblad is a 16-year-old heavyset high school student living in Baltimore. Along with her best friend Penny Pingleton, Tracy regularly watches The Corny Collins Show, a local teen dance television show.

How old is Michael Phifer?

46 years (December 29, 1974)
Mekhi Phifer/Age

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Is the movie Hairspray a good family movie?

Perfect tween 60s dance movie! Hairspray 2007 is perfect for families with tweens and teens, with great dance choreography, music, and recognizable actors and actresses. It hits on the civil rights movement, and the injustices african americans faced in the 60s as a side story. It shows you don’t have to be blond, blu This review…

Who was the actress that played Velma in Hairspray?

Hairspray(2007) Michelle Pfeiffer: Velma Von Tussle Showing all 33 items Jump to: Photos(19) Quotes(14) Photos Quotes Velma Von Tussle : [after “New Girl in Town\ How dare you pick the same song!

When was the movie Hairspray made and when was it made?

They were not in production until the fall of 1962, but the movie is set in the spring. See more » Tracy Turnblad : [ singing ] Oh, oh, oh, woke up today, feeling the way I always do.

What happens at the end of Hairspray movie?

A girl makes a wish on her thirteenth birthday, and wakes up the next day as a thirty-year-old woman. Celebrates the birth of show business and tells of a visionary who rose from nothing to create a spectacle that became a worldwide sensation. Charlie’s brother, Sam, dies in a car crash that Charlie survives.

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