How old was Sasha 90210?

How old was Sasha 90210?

Her 20-something character, Sasha, becomes the controversial love interest of Tristan Wilds’ 17-year-old character, Dixon Wilson. The character is a DJ who met his character at a pizza parlor and a party she DJed on a yacht. Dixon led her to believe he was her age.

Do Annie and Dixon’s parents get divorced?

-Annie and Dixon’s parents get divorced; their mom starts up with the “hot ” teacher although he now has a baby with Naomi’s evil sister, Jen. -Ivy’s childhood friend, Oscar, comes to town and tries to get revenge on Ivy’s mother (who he believes caused his mother’s death).

Did Dixon die 90210?

With all the wild things that went down in the “90210“ season finale, there was really only one major question going into the Season 5 premiere: Did Dixon survive the car crash? Lori Loughlin reprised her role as his adopted mother Debbie, who returned to find that Dixon is alive, but still fighting for his life.

Who did Annie hit with her car 90210?

Just when she thinks the whole hit-and-run incident has been swept under the rug, West Beverly High School receives a generous $100,000 donation made by the so-called “homeless man” that Annie hit with her car on prom night. It turns out that the man’s nephew, Jasper, goes to her school.

Who does Navid end up with in 90210?

Eventually, Navid realizes that he is still, and always has been, in love with Adrianna, and she feels the same, so they hide out at his house and have sex for two days after deciding to rekindle their love and get back together.

Does Dixon have a baby on 90210?

‘90210’: Debbie goes rogue, Dixon is no daddy, and Ade just gets creepier. Oh, “90210,” you really brought the crazy this week. After last week’s repeat episode, this week’s made the wait well worth it. After Dixon (Tristan Wilds) confesses that he got Sasha pregnant, Debbie went into overdrive.

Why did Max and Naomi get divorced?

Season 4. The fourth season begins with Naomi breaking up with Max after what she feels is his excessive relief on discovering that her pregnancy was a false positive.

Who does Ethan end up with in 90210?

Ethan Ward, portrayed by Dustin Milligan, is a main character in the first series of the 90210 franchise….

Ethan Ward
Relationships: Jen Clark (Fling) Naomi Clark (Ex-Girlfriend) Annie Wilson (Ex-Girlfriend) Rhonda (Fling) Erin Silver (Fling)

Did Annie kill in 90210?

After having an awful prom, Annie (Shenae Grimes) gets in her car, bottle of alcohol in hand, and ends up hitting someone before driving off. The following season, she starts dating Jasper (Zachary Ray Sherman), who knows that Annie killed his uncle.

Why did Navid and Silver break up?

He decided to break up with her in order to keep her safe from his shady uncle, giving her a phony speech about the importance of family — not that she knows anything about family.

Why did Annie and Ty break up?

Ty gives her a kiss and the two soon begin dating. Later, Annie became the understudy for a troubled actress named Adrianna Tate-Duncan, who also had a personal history with Ty. Out of spite, Adrianna tricked Annie into thinking Ty had been unfaithful, prompting the couple’s break-up.

Why is Liam mad at Annie in Season 3?

Season 3. In the Season 3 premiere, Liam is mad at Annie for not calling him back during the summer. Annie stops and walks away because she doesn’t want to betray Naomi. Liam goes to Naomi and tells her he wants to date Annie and she tells him he can do whatever he wants, she doesn’t care.

Why didnt Naomi end up with Max?

During this confrontation, she finds out the reason Alec sabotages Max’s relationships is because he is actually in love with him himself. Naomi promises not to tell Max, because the truth would break his heart. Max and Naomi’s relationship begins to deteriorate after this.

Did Max and Naomi get divorced?

Naomi finds out that he had been hiding at his parents’ house. The couple seeks the help of a marriage counselor. Max explains he didn’t want Naomi to run his life and the counselor says that Naomi lost herself. The pair later agrees to divorce and Max decides to go back to MIT.

Why did Ethan not return to 90210?

90210 cast reunion explains Dustin Milligan left the show because his role as Ethan Ward changed. Jessica Stroup, who played Erin Silver, said: “We had our two show creators leave, and when we had the new team come in, they wanted to switch things up and Dustin always had a bit of a… he’s a comedy guy.

Does Annie date Ethan?

Ethan and Annie finally break up after agreeing that all their relationship has become is a constant fight. Even though Ethan confirms to Annie that he believes that he and Rhonda had a connection, he also says that he is not going to date her, instead taking time for himself.

How did Andrea get pregnant on Beverly Hills 90210?

For example, she had surgery for bunions and had to use a wheelchair during her recovery, which translated into a serious car accident for Andrea, and when she was expecting her first child, her teenage character got pregnant on 90210. RELATED: BH90210 Stars on the Show vs.

Who are the parents of Dixon on 90210?

Much like the original show, 90210 follows to move of a family (parents, Debbie and Harry Wilson, their daughter Annie and adopted son Dixon). Harry is actually from Beverly Hills and comes back both to look after his mother Tabitha and to work as the principal at West Beverly.

Who is the father of the Wilsons in 90210?

Their father, Harry Wilson, has returned from Kansas to his Beverly Hills childhood home with his family to care for his mother, former television and theater actress Tabitha Wilson, who has a drinking problem and clashes with his wife Debbie Wilson.

Who is the producer of Beverly Hills 90210?

It is the fourth series in the Beverly Hills, 90210 franchise created by Darren Star. 90210 is the first series produced by CBS Productions under the company’s re-launch, but is now produced by CBS Television Studios.