How old was Dani Harmer when filming Tracy Beaker?

How old was Dani Harmer when filming Tracy Beaker?

She landed the role of Tracy Beaker at the tender age of 12, and played the character for six successful series following which she continued to make her mark on the TV in her own sitcom Dani’s House.

When did Dani Harmer leave Tracy Beaker Returns?

Three series aired of Tracy Beaker Returns. It concluded on 23 March 2012, due to Harmer deciding to quit her role as Tracy. A spin-off was created called The Dumping Ground but did not feature her, though she did return for two episodes at the end of series 6.

When did Tracy Beaker Returns start filming?

The series was filmed in the old La Sagesse School in Jesmond, Newcastle upon Tyne in the summer of 2009, and directed by Neasa Hardiman, Craig Lines and Michael Davies. In February 2010, it was announced that Tracy Beaker Returns would be renewed for a second series to air in 2011.

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How much is Dani Harmer worth?

Dani Harmer net worth is about $112 million dollar.

Does Tracy Beaker have a child?

In the new three-part CBBC series, which began on Friday, Tracy has a 10-year-old daughter called Jess and comes up against her childhood enemy Justine. Harmer said fans would be pleased with the “great” mother Beaker has become.

Is Tracy Beaker coming back 2020?

One fan said on Twitter: “So Tracy Beaker is returning for a new series, 2020 you are starting to redeem yourself.” Another fan said: “Dani Harmer is reprising her role as Tracy Beaker and it is based on the My Mum Tracy Beaker book. We absolutely won.”

How old is Tracy Beaker now?

This is how the concept of time works, to be fair. After the news yesterday that the character will be returning as a single mother living in a council flat it’s only fitting that we check in on the star of the CBBC show and icon for frizzy-haired people worldwide, Dani Harmer. She’s 29 now, by the way.

Is Tracy Beaker disabled?

Tracey Beaker Layla has Cerebral Palsy, and is played by disabled actress Cara Readle. In the series, Layla is a bit of a tom boy and a scamster.