How old was Bechet when he learned to play his instrument?

How old was Bechet when he learned to play his instrument?

He began playing clarinet at age six, and although he studied briefly with such legendary early New Orleans clarinetists as George Baquet and Lorenzo Tio, Jr., he was mostly self taught.

Is Sidney Bechet still alive?

Deceased (1897–1959)
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How old was Sidney Bechet when he died?

62 years (1897–1959)
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Who did Sidney Bechet shoot?

1925 with La Revue Nègre, the show that made Josephine Baker into a star. During the next few years, Bechet traveled and performed all over Europe including in Paris, Berlin and even Russia. However a shooting incident with banjoist Mike McKendrick resulted in him being jailed in Paris for 11 months during 1928-29.

What made Sidney Bechet famous?

Sidney Bechet, (born May 14, 1897, New Orleans—died May 14, 1959, Paris), jazz musician known as a master of the soprano saxophone. He intelligently crafted logical lines atop the New Orleans-style ensemble, double-timing and improvising forcefully and with authority. …

Where is Sidney Bechet buried?

Musician. Born in New Orleans, Louisiana, he was leadgenary jazz saxophonist, clarinetist and composer….Sidney Joseph Bechet.

Birth 14 May 1897 New Orleans, Orleans Parish, Louisiana, USA
Burial Cimetiere de Garches Garches, Departement des Hauts-de-Seine, Île-de-France, France

How did Sidney Bechet get famous?

Sidney Bechet was known as the master of the saxophone. Though his musical career began with the clarinet, he turned to the saxophone and the rest is history. Bechet played in jazz clubs all over the South in his early days, but became famous in Europe, particularly France.

Where is Sidney Bechet from?

New Orleans, Louisiana, United States
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Sidney Joseph Bechet, the American jazz clarinetist, saxophonist, and composer, was born on May 14, 1897, in New Orleans, Louisiana. One of the first important jazz soloists, his recordings precede those of Louis Armstrong, three years his junior, with whom he would later play duets.

Where was Sidney Bechet from?

Where did Sidney Bechet go to school?

In 1945, Bechet moved to 160 Quincy Street, in Brooklyn, New York, and began to teach music. Bob Wilber, then still in high school, became Bechet’s star pupil, learning both clarinet and soprano sax, and when Wilber finished high school, he moved into the house.

What kind of music did Sidney Bechet play?

Sidney Bechet was born on May 14, 1897 in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA as Sidney Joseph Bechet. He was married to Elisabeth Ziegler, Marie-Louise Crawford and Norma Hale. He died on May 14, 1959 in Garches, Hauts-de-Seine, France. Played the soprano sax and clarinet. Inducted into the Big Band and Jazz Hall of Fame in 1983.

Where did Sidney Bechet get his name Bash?

Bechet soon left Ellington and opened a restaurant on Lenox Avenue, the Club Basha – a name derived from his nickname Bash. The restaurant proved a short-lived venture and before long he took to the road once more with Claude Hopkins and Josephine Baker, in the 1925 production “ Revue Negre.

Though he never strayed far from his New Orleans jazz roots, Bechet continued, until his death in 1959, to perform in various musical situations.

When did Sidney Bechet move to New York?

After working in New Orleans with Clarence Williams and King Oliver, pioneer jazz greats, he moved to Chicago and then, in 1919, to New York City. In that year he toured Europe with the Southern Syncopated Orchestra, becoming the first jazz musician ever to be praised by a distinguished classicist, the Swiss conductor Ernest Ansermet.