How old is Wil Traval?

How old is Wil Traval?

41 lat (9 lipca 1980)
Wil Traval/Wiek

How tall is Wil Traval?

1,88 m
Wil Traval/Wzrost

Who plays Caleb Collins?

Wil TravalDynastia
Father Caleb Collins/Postać grana przez

Who played Sheriff of Nottingham in Once Upon a Time?

Wil Traval
The Sheriff of Nottingham, currently known as Keith, is a character on ABC’s Once Upon a Time. He débuts in the nineteenth episode of the second season and is portrayed by guest star Wil Traval.

Who plays Officer Simpson in Jessica Jones?

Nuke appears in Jessica Jones, portrayed by Wil Traval. Renamed Will Simpson, he is a police sergeant at the 15th Precinct and previously served in the 39th Infantry Division. Introduced in the first season, he is sent by Kilgrave to kill Trish Walker.

What is Cristal hiding in Dynasty?

Cristal discovers that she’s pregnant, but she’s unsure who the father of the baby is due to having slept with her ex-husband during the brief time in which she was away from the manor. She decides to keep this a secret from Blake, who is ecstatic about having another child.

Who is the priest in Dynasty?

Caleb Collins is a minor character in the television series Dynasty on The CW. He is portrayed by Wil Traval. He first appeared in Season 3 episode “Is The Next Surgery on The House?”. Being a Chaplain at Atlanta General, he was asked to help Cristal Carrington, the married new director of the clinic.

Who is the guy with the lion tattoo in Once Upon a Time?

Robin Hood
When the third Dark Curse is unleashed, Robin Hood and his Merry Men are transported to Storybrooke this time, but they lose their memories of the last year in the Enchanted Forest. Regina eventually discovers that Robin Hood is the man with the lion tattoo.

Is US agent a villain?

U.S. Agent is highly skilled in hand-to-hand combat, which, combined with his super strength, makes him an extremely dangerous opponent for almost any hero or villain.

Is Simpson a bad guy on Jessica Jones?

Nuke (Frank Simpson) is a fictional supervillain appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. Wil Traval portrayed the character in Marvel’s Netflix television series Jessica Jones, set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Why did Cristal leave Dynasty?

Although Ana went on to leave Dynasty for personal reasons, Nathalie said she didn’t have much of a choice in her exit. Nathalie said she was grateful for the opportunity to play Cristal Flores, but expressed that she was disappointed in the network’s decision to recast her character.