How old is Timo Boldt?

How old is Timo Boldt?

The hungry 26-year-old who set up a £100m food firm. The BBC’s weekly The Boss series profiles different business leaders from around the world. This week we speak to Timo Boldt, founder and chief executive of meal kit business Gousto.

Who is the CEO of Gousto?

Timo Boldt
Timo Boldt, Gousto’s co-founder and CEO, recently published a post about equality on his Linkedin.

Who own Gousto?

Timo Boldt –
Timo Boldt – Founder and CEO – Gousto | LinkedIn.

Who founded Hello Fresh?

Dominik Richter
Thomas GrieselJessica Nilsson

Who owns HelloFresh Canada?

Rocket Internet
HelloFresh/Parent organizations

Why is it called HelloFresh?

When HelloFresh France struggled and was shut down later in the year (unionized truckers increased shipping costs, and many of the customers quit during August, when much of the nation goes on vacation), Thuilot was named HelloFresh’s head of business intelligence.

How old was Timo Boldt when he set up his business?

When Timo Boldt was a go-getting 26-year-old finance professional, he says he never had the time to go to supermarkets. Working long hours in London in 2012, he longed for a convenient, easy way to cook and eat decent meals at home.

What was Timo Boldt’s vision for Gousto?

“Our vision is to be the most-loved way to eat dinner,” Timo says. “Our two big levers are choice and convenience – this is where I want to push the boundaries.” Indeed, Timo sees a future where Gousto plays a more significant role in people’s lifestyles than just providing meals.

How old was Timo when he started Gousto?

Born and raised in Berlin, Timo had moved to London in his early 20s. When he quit the City to launch Gousto, he used £75,000 of his own savings, and was then able to raise £130,000 from family and friends. “When I started, I was running it from my living room with no funding,” recalls Timo, who is now 34.

Why is Timo so good at what he does?

Timo has an extraordinary ability to inspire and enthuse, whether it’s when he’s communicating with big business names or his team in the factory. He is a strong strategic thinker and has an ability to build an impressive and loyal team to whom he delegates effectively so that goals are reached.