How old is Ryan Thomas?

How old is Ryan Thomas?

37 años (10 de junio de 1984)
Ryan Thomas/Edad

How much is Ryan Thomas Worth?

Ryan Thomas net worth is estimated about $2 million dollars.

Does Ryan Thomas have a son?

Roman Ravello Thomas
Ryan Thomas/Hijos

What happened to Ryan Thomas?

Former Coronation Street star Ryan Thomas has announced he is quitting acting, after having “really lost the bug for it”. “I started off acting, I started off in that game and I really lost the bug for it. “I feel the reason for losing the bug is rejection and going to auditions and not getting them.”

Who does Ryan Thomas have a baby with?

The former Coronation Street actor shares daughter Scarlett with his ex girlfriend Tina O’Brien. Tina and Scarlett are based in Manchester while Ryan lives in Lucy’s native Essex with their 11-month-old son Roman – meaning the Jason Grimshaw star has to divide his time between both his kids.

Who is Ryan Thomas girlfriend?

Lucy Mecklenburgh
Ryan Thomas/Pareja
RYAN Thomas revealed that he loves his sleep so much that it’s caused rows with fiancée Lucy Mecklenburgh. The 36-year-old actor said that his fiancé woke him up after she caught him napping while she was changing their son.

Who is Tina Obrien dating?

Adam Crofts (2011–)
Tina O’Brien/Pareja
Tina has since found love with Adam Crofts, marrying him on New Year’s Eve, while Ryan is now dating TOWIE star Lucy Mecklenburgh after meeting her on Celebrity Island with Bear Grylls in 2017. Ryan and Lucy welcomed son Roman in 2020 after getting engaged in Italy in 2019.

What happened to Kady from Love Island?

Sadly, after a year of dating, Kady and Scott decided to go their separate ways and split in 2017, after making their relationship official on the show. Kady is now dating TOWIE star Myles Barnett and while Scott has been linked to a few names, he hasn’t been tied down just yet!

Why did Tina O’Brien and Ryan Thomas split?

But their 2009 split was anything but amicable, with Tina once claiming he dumped her just a week before Scarlett’s first birthday because she “didn’t do it for him anymore.” “He said he didn’t love me any more,” she told new! magazine, admitting they had struggled with the new dynamic of parenthood.