How old is Roger Sloman?

How old is Roger Sloman?

75 years (19 May 1946)
Roger Sloman/Age

Who played Mr coker in Eastenders?

Roger Sloman
Leslie “Les” Coker made his first appearance on 9 January 2012. He is portrayed by Roger Sloman, who had previously acted the guest role of DS Jackson in 1992.

Who played Kev Wilson in duty free?

Duty Free (TV Series 1984–1986) – Roger Sloman as Kev Wilson – IMDb.

Who did Roger Sloman play in EastEnders?

Les Coker

Year Title Role
1992–2016 EastEnders Les Coker
1993 Grace & Favour Inspector
1993 The Inspector Alleyn Mysteries PC Perkins
1994 The Brittas Empire Pete

Who is Ben’s boyfriend Paul?

Paul, a gay character, is the grandson of established characters Les Coker (Roger Sloman) and Pam Coker (Lin Blakley) and boyfriend of Ben Mitchell (Harry Reid)….Paul Coker (EastEnders)

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Paul Coker
Portrayed by Jonny Labey
Duration 2015–2016
First appearance Episode 5077 1 June 2015
Last appearance Episode 5347 8 September 2016

Is Les in EastEnders dead?

‘ ‘My brain went: Les dead/dying,’ added another. Les, who ran the funeral parlour, first popped up in Walford in January 2012, when he assisted in arranging Pat Evans’ (Pam St Clement) funeral. He returned on a more permanent basis over two years later, when he and Pam became main characters of the BBC One soap.

Who is Halfways brother in EastEnders?

RICKY Champ is best known as Gatins in Game of Thrones, but he’s also part of the Eastenders cast as Halfway’s brother Stuart.

How did Patrick Trueman die?

How did Paul Trueman die? During his exit storyline, Paul became a drug dealer and his final scenes saw him driven away from Albert Square after getting in too deep with the drugs.

75 years (May 19, 1946)

Who is the undertaker in Eastenders?

Stuart Highway
Since arriving in Walford back 2018, Stuart Highway has gone from zero to hero. After a lot of ups and downs with the Carter family, Stuart is now the local undertaker and is married to Rainie Cross. And he’s a bit of a legend.

How did Paul Coker die?

Tragically, just as the loved-up pair were making plans for their future, Paul was killed in a homophobic attack during a night out with Ben. Although Paul’s death took place off-screen, it was revealed he and Ben had been targeted outside a club by a man called Simon and his gang.

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Who works in the funeral Parlour in EastEnders?

Paul Coker is a character from the BBC soap opera EastEnders, played by Jonny Labey.

What happens to Ted in EastEnders?

EastEnders star Christopher Timothy has left the show after more than two years in the role of Ted Murray. The actor made his final appearance in Friday night’s episode (September 27) of the soap, as Ted waved goodbye to Walford for a fresh start.

When was Paul killed in EastEnders?

8 September 2016
The character’s final appearance is in episode 5347, shown on 8 September 2016, following the character’s death after an off-screen homophobic incident on 18 July 2016….Paul Coker (EastEnders)

Paul Coker
Last appearance Episode 5347 8 September 2016
Created by Daran Little
Introduced by Dominic Treadwell-Collins
Classification Former; regular

Is Ben Mitchell deaf in real life?

While Ben is partially deaf, Jones is a hearing actor.