How old is Robin in the original Batman?

How old is Robin in the original Batman?

In the comics of the 40s Robin was eight– in the fifties he aged to about 13. The only time he’s been played by an actor who was the actual age they’re claiming him to be was Doug Croft in the 1943 serial– he was 14. The Robin in the ’49 serial was 26 and looked like he was pushing 40.

How old are the robins?

the 1st Robin Dick Grayson is currently 23–24 years old, making him 7 to 20 years younger than Bruce. the 2nd Robin is Jason Todd is currently 21–22 years old, making him 9 to 18 years younger than Bruce. the 3rd Robin Tim Drake is 16 -18 years old, making him 14 to 22 years younger than Bruce.

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How old is Robin in the Batman 2004?

According to the executive producer, Alan Burnett, in one of his interviews, he states that Robin was 14 at the start of his appearance; the same age, his voice actor Evan Sabara was when he voiced Robin for The Batman.

How old is Robin when he becomes Nightwing?

He moved out of Wayne Manor when he was 17-18, so it makes sense for him to be around 18-19 by the time he becomes Nightwing. 20 at most.

Did the Batman 2004 get Cancelled?

If you’re referring to the 2004 “The Batman” show, this was cancelled so they could move it to a different format “Batman: The brave and the bold”.

Who married Starfire?

Starfire did her best to be happily married to Karras, but she left her new husband behind and went back to Earth, hoping to save her relationship with Nightwing. Eventually, Nightwing and Starfire resumed their romantic relationship, despite Nightwing’s misgivings about Starfire’s married status.

Why did Starfire kill Raven?

The Tamerans had a prophecy of Raven, one that told the rise of a being they called, “The Destroyer.” They sent Starfire to kill Raven.

How did cyborg die?

How did cyborg die? Victor Stone was caught in an explosion at his father’s lab at a S.T.A.R. Labs building he caused accidentally that destroyed a portion of his body.

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Who did Beastboy marry?

Marriage. Beast Boy and Raven are married in a large group ceremony along with all the other occupants of their camp.

Why did Batman 2004 get Cancelled?

In 2001, Warner Bros. had its Justice League animated series premiering soon, and it wanted as high a viewership as possible for the new show. As a result, producers quietly canceled Batman Beyond to shift audience attention over to the new series, putting an end to one of the best Batman adaptations in the process.

What is the age difference between Batman and Robin?

How old is Beastboy?

In her miniseries, it’s mentioned she is 16. However, some speculate they may age up a bit for Titans.

How did Beast Boy die?

Beast Boy is shown as having resentment towards former Teen Titans leader Nightwing (who had left to join the Justice League). He and Kid Flash are caught in the explosion. Connor is unable to prevent Beast Boy from being caught in the blast, and he dies in Superboy’s arms.

How old was the first Robin in Batman?

There are seven different characters known who have held the prestigious mantle of Robin, some iconic, others not so great . The miss goody two-shoes Robin, who is the least talked of all. Carrie Kelley, the 13-year-old girl, made her debut with Frank Miller’s Batman: The Dark Knight Returns (1989).

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Who was the third Robin in batboy and Robin?

In Batboy & Robin, a tie-in special to the DC Comics storyline Sins of Youth, Bruce and Tim Drake, the third Robin, had their ages magically switched. In an effort to keep up the illusion of Batman, Bruce had Tim adopt the Batman identity while he is forced to be Robin.

Who is the least talked about Robin in Batman?

The miss goody two-shoes Robin, who is the least talked of all. Carrie Kelley, the 13-year-old girl, made her debut with Frank Miller’s Batman: The Dark Knight Returns (1989). Although Carrie Kelley outshined herself in The Dark Knight, there is nothing more to her character than that saga.

Who was the Girl Robin in Batman Dark Knight Returns?

An Elseworlds Robin was the young woman Carrie Kelley, who would have served as Robin III (as only Dick Grayson and Jason Todd had been Robins prior to her in this world). Carrie appeared in the Elseworlds storyline covered in Batman: The Dark Knight Returns and Batman: The Dark Knight Strikes Again.