How old is Linc Lewis?

How old is Linc Lewis?

33 years (October 24, 1987)
Lincoln Lewis/Age

The 33-year-old shares a close bond with his dad, bringing him to the 2014 Logies as his date. Lincoln told Nine before the split: “I think everyone in the rugby league community of Queensland has seen what he can do on the footy field.

Does Lincoln Lewis have kids?

Lincoln Lewis’ baby joy! Australian actor Lincoln Lewis has welcomed an adorable new addition to the family and he’s already fawning over the little one. Former Home & Away heartthrob Lincoln Lewis delighted fans on Monday when he shared news of the arrival of his baby niece.

How many times has Lincoln Lewis been married?

Lincoln Lewis
Born Lincoln Clay Lewis 24 October 1987 Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Occupation Actor
Known for Home and Away
Spouse(s) Janelle Pelzs ​ ​ ( m. 2007; div. 2007)​ Makaela Beale ​ ​ ( m. 2010; div. 2012)​
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Is Lachlan Lewis Wally Lewis son?

Lewis was born in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia and is the nephew of Queensland legend Wally Lewis and cousin of actor Lincoln Lewis.

What is Lincoln Lewis net worth?

Lincoln Lewis’s Net Worth Lewis’s Net Worth has been significantly increasing over the years. In the year 2021, Lincoln Lewis’s NetWork is 1-5 Million Dollars. Lewis is thirty-three years old, and he has been a very successful actor. He is famous for stepping out of his comfort zone and trying out new things.

Who is Wally Lewis son?

Lincoln Lewis
Mitchell Lewis
Wally Lewis/Sons

Has Lincoln Lewis got a partner?

As for his personal life — we know you’re dying to ask — Lewis is currently in a relationship with influencer Pandora Bonsor, 21. According to The Daily Mail, Lewis met Bonsor at a local cafe where he would pick up his morning coffee after a gym session and the pair have been dating ever since.

What’s wrong with Wally Lewis eyes?

Dr John Hogden from the Eye Health Centre diagnosed Lewis with a debilitating eye condition called corneal erosion as well as dry eye. “(Lewis) was noticing that when he looked from side to side, the vision just wasn’t in focus and this fit well with corneal disease,” Dr Hogden told 9News.

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Who plays Lewis in home and away 2021?

In real life, in-demand actor Luke Arnold took on the role of Lewis during quieter months in his career at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. Speaking in February, Luke told New Zealand publication Stuff: “When I’m overseas and I say I’m an Australian actor, people ask me: ‘Have you been on Home and Away?’

How old is Lincoln Lewis when he got married?

Lewis and Rachel divorced in 2012. In 2016, Lewis announced that he is married to a 22 years old Korean, Eugene Park. Their daughter was born in the following year. Lewis began acting at the age of thirteen.

Where was Lincoln Lewis born and raised in Queensland?

Early life. Lewis was born in Brisbane, Queensland. He is the son of Wally Lewis, a former Australian rugby league football captain and sports presenter on Nine News Queensland, and Jacqueline Lewis.

How old is Lincoln Lewis from home and away?

Lincoln Lewis was born on October 24, 1987 in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia as Lincoln Clay Lewis. He is an actor, known for Tomorrow, When the War Began (2010), Home and Away (1988) and After Earth (2013). See full bio » 1 win. See more awards »

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How old was Lincoln Lewis when he started acting?

Lewis began acting at the age of thirteen. Lewis has since continued to appear in television shows such as H2O: Just Add Water, The Sleepover Club, Rescue: Special Ops and Mortified. In 2005 Lewis made his film debut in a bit role in the film Aquamarine. That same year Lewis starred in the low budget Australian Horror film Voodoo Lagoon as Aaron.