How old is Destery Smith?

How old is Destery Smith?

Destery Smith Net Worth 2021: Age, Height, Weight, Girlfriend, Dating, Bio-Wiki

Celebrated Name: Destery Smith
Age: 30 years old
Birth Date: February 19, 1991
Birth Place: Idaho, US
Nationality: American

When did Destery Smith start YouTube?

In 2010 he started his own channel called Capndesdes which has now amassed over 1.3 Million Subscribers. In addition, he was the host for a show called WTF NEWS and WTF FIVE on Youtuber Shane Dawson’s channel for over 5 years.

What nationality is Nathan Owens?

Nathan Owens/Nationality

What’s the name of destery Smith’s YouTube channel?

Destery posts WTF News videos to his own channel and used to post WTF 5 to Shane Dawson ‘s channel ‘Shane’ every Saturday. He also has a channel called DesandNate, which he started with Nathan Owens (ahoynateo).

Who is destery Moore and what does he do?

Widely known as ‘The Leg Slicer’, Destery Moore is a popular internet sensation amongst the fairer sex aNd those who find sex and poop jokes funny. A metrosexual hipster, Moore got into the social media scene with his YouTube channel, ‘DesMadeLove’.

How old is destery Smith from WTF 5?

Most Viewed Video. Destery Moore (born: February 19, 1991 (1991-02-19) [age 28]) better known online as Destery Smith, formerly CapnDesDes, is a YouTube Musician and Vlogger, best known for his comedy series “WTF 5” on fellow YouTuber Shane Dawson’s channel.

When did destery Moore release his first album?

The talk show centres around recent events that trend on the internet. Moore released a single titled ‘Caves of Ice’ which led to the release of his first album, ‘Sailing Home’ in March 2015. Destery Smith Moore was born on February 19, 1991 in Idaho, USA.