How old is Alex Thompson?

How old is Alex Thompson?

47 años (18 de abril de 1974)
Alex Thomson/Edad

How is Alex Thompson doing?

Alex Thomson ceases racing in the Vendée Globe November 28, 2020. After incurring damage to the starboard rudder of his boat, British sailor Alex Thomson has ceased racing in the Vendée Globe and is now sailing his boat towards Cape Town.

Does Alex Thomson own Hugo Boss?

HUGO BOSS and Alex Thomson have partnered since 2003 in one of the longest collaborations in the sport of sailing. During the partnership, Alex Thomson and HUGO BOSS have also realised a trilogy of breathtaking stunts – the Keelwalk, Mastwalk and Skywalk – which have been watched by millions all over the world.

Is Alex Thompson Welsh?

Thomson’s Clipper Race win in 1999 made him the youngest skipper ever to win a round-the-world yacht race. As of February 2016 he still holds this record….Alex Thomson (sailor)

Alex Thomson
Born 18 April 1974 Bangor, North Wales
Nationality British
Occupation Yachtsman
Spouse(s) Kate Thomson

Why did Alex Thompson retire?

British sailor Alex Thomson admits he is “deeply disappointed” to have been forced to retire from the Vendee Globe yacht race due to boat damage. “I was down below when there was a huge bang and the boat broached violently. The steering system was jammed and all I could do was roll the sails away.

Why has Alex Thompson slowed down?

Alex Thomson’s hopes of winning the Vendée Globe suffered a significant setback after he was forced to slow down to carry out repairs to structural damage to his yacht Hugo Boss. For most of Sunday, that involved “cutting, gluing and bolting” on his yacht that cost about £6 million to design and build.

What does imoca stand for?

International Monohull Open Class Association
Since 1991, the IMOCA class (IMOCA stands for International Monohull Open Class Association) has been focusing on the prestigious category of the 60-foot monohulls.

Has Alex Thompson retired?

Britain’s Alex Thomson arrives safely to Cape Town and formally retires from the Vendée Globe. After irreparable rudder damage put a stop to his quest for victory in the Vendée Globe, British sailor Alex Thomson has arrived safely in Cape Town, South Africa.

Who has retired from Vendee Globe?

Following on from the collision that his boat experienced early in the race off Portugal, Bertrand de Broc, skipper of MACSF, after consulting with Marc Guillemot his Team Manager, has taken the decision this evening to retire from the race.

Who won Vendee Globe?

Yannick Bestaven
Vendée Globe/Últimos ganadores

Yannick Bestaven won the Vendée Globe solo round the world sailing race after he was handed a time bonus of more than 10 hours for his role in rescuing a fellow competitor, more than 80 days alone at sea and an unusually close final few hours to determine the winner on Thursday.

Where is Hugo Boss imoca?

The new “HUGO BOSS” yacht, set to be raced by British sailor Alex Thomson, launched last night at an official christening ceremony on The River Thames in London….Les cookies Google Analytics.

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2021 Défi Azimut
2021 Transat Jacques Vabre

Do IMOCA 60 have engines?

Where an IMOCA Open 60 would normally have a diesel engine for auxiliary drive and power generation this was replaced by an electric motor and batteries charged by a system of high-performance solar panels and hydro-generators. …

Do IMOCA boats have engines?

An internal combustion engine (diesel) equipped with an alternator, a battery bank and a larger reserve of diesel fuel. On the other IMOCA: 160 kg of engine + 60 kg of batteries + 250 litres of diesel fuel (about 210 kg) = approx. 430 kg . And there are often hydrogen generators and solar panels as well.

Has anyone died in the Vendee Globe?

The Vendée Globe organisers call it the “Everest of the seas”. Of 67 different people who had tried the Vendée before this year, three have died while doing so: the USA’s Mike Plant and Britain’s Nigel Burgess in 1992, and Canada’s Gerry Roufs in 1997.

How often is Vendee Globe?

every four years
The Vendée Globe is a single-handed (solo) non-stop round the world yacht race. The race was founded by Philippe Jeantot in 1989, and since 1992 has taken place every four years.

Why has Alex Thompson retired?

Who is winning the Vendee Globe?