How much money was taken in the Great Train Robbery?

How much money was taken in the Great Train Robbery?

Great Train Robbery, (August 8, 1963), in British history, the armed robbery of £2,600,000 (mostly in used bank notes) from the Glasgow–London Royal Mail Train, near Bridego Bridge north of London.

How much money did the robbers steal in the Great Train Robbery?

Great Train Robbery (1963)

Mentmore Bridge (previously known as Bridego Bridge and then Train Robbers’ bridge), scene of the robbery
Date 8 August 1963
Outcome Theft of £2.6 million (the equivalent of £55 million in 2019)
Non-fatal injuries Jack Mills (train driver)

Who investigated the Great Train Robbery?

Thomas Marius Joseph Butler MBE
Thomas Marius Joseph Butler MBE (21 July 1912 – 20 April 1970) was a Detective Chief Superintendent in the Metropolitan Police in London. He was most notable for leading the team of detectives that investigated the Great Train Robbery in 1963.

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Are any train robbers still alive?

As almost all of the known train robbers are now in the great open prison in the skies – only Bob Welch is still alive – it looks unlikely that the full story will ever be known.

What was the budget of the Great Train Robbery?

The film’s budget was an estimated $ 150, equal to $4183 today. Upon its release, The Great Train Robbery became a massive success and is considered one of the first Western films. It is also considered one of the first blockbusters and was one of the most popular films of the silent era until the release of The Birth of a Nation in 1915.

What was the first successful mail train robbery?

The Great Train Robbery of August 1963 was not the first successful mail train raid. Bandits had targeted Travelling Post Offices several times before, and consequently, security was tightened up on three high-value packet carriages. Bars were added to windows, additional bolts attached to doors and alarms installed.

Who was the producer of the Great Train Robbery?

Produced by Thomas Edison, inventor of many audio and visual playback machines, the film began to shift the focus from novelty films to plot-based cinema. The Great Train Robbery was one of the first crime dramas and archetype of the western genre. The film introduced moviegoers to robberies, chase scenes, and gun shoot-offs.

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Where was the movie The Great Train robbery filmed?

It was filmed in Milltown, New Jersey. The film was inspired by Scott Marble ‘s 1896 stage play, and may also have been inspired by a 1900 train robbery perpetrated by Butch Cassidy. At twelve minutes long, The Great Train Robbery film is considered a milestone in film making, expanding on Porter’s previous work Life of an American Fireman.