How much money have the Terminator movies made?

How much money have the Terminator movies made?

Franchise: Terminator

Rank Release Lifetime Gross
1 Terminator 2: Judgment Day $204,843,345
2 Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines $150,371,112
3 Terminator Salvation $125,322,469
4 Terminator Genisys $89,760,956

Did Terminator: Dark Fate make a profit?

As of this posting, the Tim Miller-directed and James Cameron-produced Terminator: Dark Fate has earned $29 million domestic and $124 million worldwide following a disastrous global launch.

How much money did it cost to make Terminator: Dark Fate?

Terminator: Dark Fate
Country United States
Languages English Spanish
Budget $185–196 million
Box office $261.1 million

Was dark fate a flop?

The standalone DC movie did better than anyone could possibly have predicted and crossed $1 billion worldwide. Joker’s continued success wasn’t the main reason Dark Fate flopped, but it certainly didn’t help a movie that was already facing a box-office challenge.

How much did the Terminator movie cost to make?

Granted, the film cost $50 million to make, so it will still need help internationally and on the home market to break even after a start like this, but this is still much better than most people were expecting. More… Can Doctor Sleep Wake Up the Box Office? It is not a banner week for stellar new releases.

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What was the box office gross for Terminator 3?

Even though Terminator 3 eventually had a world box-office gross of $427 million (at least half of which is kept by movie theaters), it barely broke even, except for Arnold Schwarzenegger, who, of course, had created his own “cash break-even,” and, under any scenario, made a small fortune from his image.

What was the gross for Terminator Dark Fate?

Despite generally favorable reviews and the return of star Linda Hamilton and producer James Cameron, “Terminator: Dark Fate” has opened well below expectations at the box office. Studios on Sunday estimate that “Dark Fate” earned only $29 million from over 4,000 North American locations.

How much did Schwarzenegger get paid for Terminator 3?

For starters, Schwarzenegger got a $29.25 million “pay or play” fee, meaning he would be paid whether or not the movie was made. (At the time, that figure was a record for guaranteed compensation.) The first $3 million would be delivered on signing and the balance during the course of principal photography.